Monday 26 January 2015

Frugal Food Shopping

I have planned my menu for the week and on Sunday went to Aldi to stock up. I mainly stuck to the list but did buy a couple of extras for the freezer such as peas and sweetcorn. Below is the receipt, £49.46 and then I had the five pound voucher from the newspaper bringing it down to a rather respectable £44.46 for a family of two adults and two hungry teenagers. 
Tonight we had shepherds pie which was prepared on Sunday to save time this evening. Whilst boiling the potatoes for the topping I made a few more to make a corned beef and potato pie for dinner tomorrow night, just like Mamma used to make .
We are been frugal in this house right now.

Thursday 22 January 2015

Recent Makes

Hi, I just thought I'd pop by and show you some recent makes, these were actually Christmas presents for loved ones.
It was so hard to part with the above cushion, the colours strangely match the colours of my home perfectly. They also match Mama and Dads so it was wrapped up and taken for my Dad's Christmas present. The above is the front,
And the above here is the back.
Little Owlie here was knitted up for our Daughter, apparently been a teenager is no excuse not to cover your bed in cuddly toys.
Foxy loxy scarf was another knit for her, its a short scarf but perfect for keeping you warm.
Apart from a couple of crochet dishcloths that's about everything in the home made category.
I hope that your keeping warm in this cold weather, thanks for reading x.

Wednesday 31 December 2014


Hi there to anyone who happens to pass by and read this (hi Mam.)
Its been an awful long time since my last post but I think I ran out of things to say to be honest. Anyway I've found my crafting mojo so there will be photos to follow on my next post but I wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year in 2015.

Sunday 3 August 2014

Garden Breakfast

As I write I'm sat in my favourite garden spot at breakfast time, this is where the early morning sun warms the dealing outside the back door. It is here that you can contemplate the world as the sun slowly warms you up ready for the day. It makes a change from yesterdays thunderstorms and general darkness, however I'm sure that the garden enjoyed the drink.
 The greenhouse is full of life, with the heavenly scent of the sweet peas close by. I must remember to take some indoors.
 There beautiful scent and colours are a welcome addition to our home, even the teen" ogres" approve of them.
 As I said not many tomatoes this year, however this is out accidental tomato plant. We had never planted it, it just appeared in a pot with something else and its been the best plant we have had this year.
 If you look closely here you might just be able to spot the chilli hanging there. Hubby and son are chilli lovers. My daughter is not so keen and I put that down to the pregnancy craving I had for curry all those years ago.
 Moving on to one of the beds, the Begonias, violas and sweetcorn you can just see in the back are coming along nicely.
 why this picture has decided to load this way I can not tell you, my excuse ? I'm using my tablet and I haven't got used to it just yet 😁
Yummy apples are plenty on the apple tree.
And another lovely spot as you walk past on your way back to breakfast. I hope that the sun is shining wherever you are and that you have a glorious weekend. I'm off now to "supervise" some decorating.

Sunday 4 May 2014

Drying in the sunshine.

There is nothing like drying clothes out in the sunshine, it is of course a much cheaper alternative to the tumble drier. I have become all too reliant on the drier and most of the washing gets dried this way, in a bid to save money I got Hubby to put up a new line and here it is.

Like many families I am cutting back on the outgoings, care to share your money saving tips ?

Saturday 3 May 2014

Lurvely Bag

I just thought that i would show you a picture of a bag that I have recently made, and of course a crochet Rose which I gave as a gift to my Mam for Mothers Day.

Friday 2 May 2014

As the weather warms

We are super busy planting up the garden right now.  I cant remember everything we have growing in the poly tunnel right now but there are tomatoes, chillies, peas and other things.  We both find it quite exciting to see how things are growing and changing day by day. Hopefully everything will continue to grow and we will be eating tomatoes (blech) and chillies (yummy) over the summer.

I live in a city and whilst it has a strong mining history that the locals are proud of but  I feel that it lacks anything new these days. So I'm on a quest to either find some local events that are actually interesting or make my own. A random comment I know but when you look at other blogs there seems to be lots of interesting things happening, like May Day Festivals and other such stuff. Im kind of thinking that "Up north" people are not really interested in these things and just dont get me started on my way of living, Im constantly met with raised eye brows when people find out we grow some food in our garden, I knit, we brew, bake bread and so on.  Its quite funny really ! I feel like a square peg in a round hole, but thats ok.