Sunday, 31 August 2008


Well I can honestly say that the last few weeks have beena wonderful break in many ways. I have tried to blog afew times but deleted it and thought I would wait a little longer, although I did catch up on your news.
We have done lots over the summer regardless of the weather, if you let the weather dictate what you did then you would do nothing. We did have afew days camping and the above is the view of the lake from the camp site. It was wet but we were warm and were able to keep dry. The kids had a great time which is what matters to us the most.
We return to school in the morning and I guess we are back to our usual routines, we have to fit in Brownies, Tennis and Swimming lessons and no doubt endless activities at school. I have bathed my little ones this evening and tucked them up as snug as a bug in clean bedding with a little love note tucked under their pillows. They are sooo excited to be back to school and for my little one this means the excitement of going to a new school and been at the Junior school, what happened to my baby?????
I baked and iced some cakes for them to enjoy when we get in tomorrow evening, I thought we could celebrate our back to school together. I am not sure I feel like celebrating going back to work but I dont think that I have ever turned down the chance to eat cake.
We are heading off to the best time of the year for me, I love Autumn and Winter.. the house is warm and cosy and we get to snuggle up together and have reading time and enjoy hot chocolates. There have been days recently when it almost feels like the seasons are changing but it still feels a little too warm, it wont be long though.
Well it is nice to be back, take care...

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Taking a break

Hi everyone, just taking a break from blogging. I need to be spending a little more time with my family and enjoying been at home. I will be back soon.
Enjoy the summer and have fun with your little ones.
Sarah xx