Sunday, 15 June 2008

Fathers Day and Kitchens

Happy Fathers day to all the Dads, Daddys and Papas out there. The children took their daddy breakfast in bed and then we got the craft things out and had a little craft session o make their gifts. I remember that as children my Dad always liked the homemade gifts and cards and kept them and I think that they mean more to our family than the shop bought stuff. We printed out the DAD template, cut it out and stuck oictures behind it before sticking it t the card. My son drew the house and we cut out the windows and stuck more little pictures behind. I think that these are going to be taken into wrk to be kept on his desk.

On Saturday night once the children were fast asleep in bed I decided to make the long overdue pelmets for my kitchen windows. The kitchen is quite dark and when I made curtains in the past it made it look even darker...... Soooooo I bought some blue fabric years ago and it has been sat waiting for such a project as dressing up my kitchen windows. All that I need to do now is get a blue blind to go behind it and get rid of the awful blinds that the previous owners left. The embroidered table cloth on the table is one that my Great Grandmother made and the Orchid was a present from Andrews parents and so far I have managed to keep it alive. I can keep plants going in the garden but House plants seem to die off pretty quickly for some reason.

Here is a view the other way to the utility area of the kitchen, I think that I need to get a picture or something on the wall over the sink. For once I think that the kitchen is finally starting to look right, I have changed my mind with it lots of times but I think that this mights be here to stay.
A fairy came into my Garden and left her Magic wand
I think that she also had a snack on my plants.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

A WEEK !!!!

Apart from saving a post for my sons birthday at the weekend but not actually completing it and posting it, I have not blogged for A WEEK !!! How terrible is that?

I have been so busy for this week, we have had birthday parties to plan, day trip to the local environmental festival, my poor car had to go into the garage for three days and all of the other things that life throws at you.

I dont know about you but I am so ready for the summer. I want to sit out in the garden and watch my sweeties run around and play in the paddling pool, day trips out, picnics and homemade lemonade. The summer in England does not last for long and even sometimes only for a couple of days, but I sure look forward to when it arrives.
I was thinking today about all of the fun things I would like to do with the children over the summer and I am starting to make little plans in my head of ways to keep them occupied and happy. They both enjoy spending time doing crafty type activities so I can see me spending some time trawling for ideas to keep away for when the rain comes.

I was browsing earlier and came across some American sites and there seems to be many more celebrations and Holidays over there than we have here. I think that it may no longer be the "British" way to have street parties and get togethers that were once just a normal way of life. I think that perhaps people no longer care for these traditions and see tham as "Old fashioned" and just cant be bothered. I mean most people will tell you something about Saint Patricks day but have no idea about St Georges Day. Okay so i will get off my soap box now.
I love to celebrate things, birthdays, anniversarys and holidays. I rarely need an excuse to have some sort of little party with the children and the best parties we have are the "Just because" parties. We have them for no other reason than "Just Because" and will make a special tea or picnic to have together.

What do you look forward to doing over the summer? Do you have any special plans or little things that you simply must do because it is summer?

Friday, 6 June 2008

7 Today

There is nothing more important to me than my family. I love to hear them chattering and see them playing, when they are at school the house seems to empty.. Well today is my dear sons birthday and he is 7, so here are seven things about him.

* He is a very keen cook and loves to be in the kitchen making something. Move over Jamie Oliver, hee comes "Little Chef"

* I secretly love the way you still sit on my knee for a cuddle. It doesnt matter where I am sitting, if you come into the room you will always park your little self on my knee for a cuddle. You promise to do this always.

* You tell me that your best friends are Mummy, Daddy and your sister. I think that your family is special to you.

* You are a nature lover. You spend hours looking out of the window watching the birds and have such an enthusiasm about all things that live in the world.

* You make us all laugh with your silly made up jokes, eventhough we have bought you joke books you prefer to make up your own.

* Sammy is your most treasured toy and friend. He is very loyal and puts up with your bad moods when you kick him out of bed and quickly forgives you when you creep out and tuck him up safely beside you.

* A shy boy who looks after his Mamma !!!

Happy Birthday Sweetie, Love ya round the world and back !!!!!!!

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Nothing says "Home" like

Homemade Pie

I was at work today trying to teach some year 4 children about the Vikings and all I could think about was my need to make "Pie"... Not any pie, Strawberry, Rhubarb and Apple Pie..... As I skipped out of work when I finished I dashed to the supermarket and bought the ingredients, all British I add......

I like to bake with the children but sometimes it is nice to just get on with it on your own. The first thing I do is put on some music and tie on an apron (this is an absolute must). Our Grandmothers would have worn an apron all day and have had different ones for different occasions. Aprons are like a uniform for me, when I one I am ready for my task in hand. I even have an apron that I wear when I am gardening, I will show you another day... I admit that
I am not a feminist and have quite a traditional view when it comes to my home.

Here is my pie just waiting for the pastry crust.

Looking all pretty waiting for cooking
In all its glory straight from the oven.

My house smells wonderful.

Monday, 2 June 2008

My Garden

I love my Garden, dont you think that when you are in the garden you drift away and can be anywhere? I doesnt matter if you have a city garden or a country cottage your garden can be your sanctuary. I like the country cottage type gardens that you see on paintings in very nice antique shops, roses climbing over the arch and foxgloves swaying in the breeze with a rickey garden fence just waiting to welcome you. One day I know that I will own such a house but until that day I have may garden and make it my own.

One of the things that we have i our small garden is a little vegetable patch. Last year we had great success growing from it and hopefully this year will be the same. In this corner you can see tiny white turnips growing and purple sprouting brocoli. In the back you can just see the beans and the frame.
These are our peas, they are only small yet but hopefully they will grow. I think that we are a bit cooler up in the North than our Southern friends so it may take a little longer.

We also have some strawberrys growing at the front of the house in the glass porch where they get full sunshine and the glass makes it very warm in there. This was tonights supper and they tasted the absolute BEST EVER.... So yummy.

Here is my Strawberry Tea set waiting to be used. The plate is large and holds lots of lovely ripe strawberrys whilst the jug and pot holds your cream and sugar. I dont think that we will get enough strawberrys for filling up this dish but once the pick your own opens I will be there in a flash. The strawberrys you can see here we kindly sent to me by Summer by the Sea in a giveaway so they will have to do until the real strawberrys are ready. Yum Yum !!

Sunday, 1 June 2008


HOME :::the house or flat/apartment that you live in, especially with your family:

The topic for the following month of blogs is HOME..
I am going to try and post everyday and hope that it will include many posts about my home and what it means to me. I have lived in my current home for five years and I think that we are finally putting our own stamp on it. They say you have to live in a house and get a feel for it, but seriously five years is a long time.

For the last five years I have had the most awful carpet in the main room and dining room, well today it finally came up and was disposed of. It truly was the most hideous carpet you have ever seen. So we have plans for new flooring and maybe afew well choosen accessories to give the room a life and I am afraid to admit this.... The piano has to go. It is beautiful but neither of the children play it now and it is too big to have sat their collecting dust, so sadly we will be selling it..

What does home mean to you?

Sarah x