Thursday, 24 April 2008

Prizes and a wonderful Day !!!!

I was stunned to hear that I had won Lucy Lockets Giveaway, I like many other people say "Never Win Anything" so this was a complete surprise. I live only a few minutes from Lucy so we decided to meet up and have a coffee. I had the most wonderful time and like Lucy forgot to take a picture of the scummy Lemon torte that we had so you will have to take our word for it when we say it was lovely... We emerged from the cafe 4 HOURS later having talked and talked and talked, I had the most fabulous time and hope to do it again very soon. Whilst we were out looking at the textiles in the museum we were lucky enough to meet some ladies who were working on Tapestry and a Spinning Wheel, this took me back a little as my Mum used to spin wool and I am still working on her to donate the spinning wheel to ME !!!! However here is the prize that Lucy so kindly gave me "Chick Chick and Barney, I was also given a card from Lucys very talented daughter introducing Chick Chick and Barney..... They decided that this is the spot they would like to live in as it gives them a clear view of the room and they can keep an eye on what is happening..So they moved into the shelves along with other treasures of mine that I like to have around me....
It is a lovely snug spot and they settled in well and are been fed and watered by myself and the children.

Should either of then fancy a little sewing there is a tin of buttons and a little sewing kit living up there with them.

And just to show you some of my other treasures on the shelf I have the tiniest embroidered broach that was made by my Grandmother, I am not sure how old it is but the work is so fine and I love it.

This was part of my Christmas present from my parents and I think that it ir right where I am at the moment in life, there is Grandmother, Daughter and Child sat sewing on a quilt and it is called Raising Generations.

What it should really show is Frantic Daughter holding the phone whilst talking to the Grandmother, whilst Granny tries to educate daughter on her knitting "AGAIN" and Daughter throwing the knitting across the room in temper, Oh and perhaps the nine year old rolling her eyes in dispair at her mother. Hehehehe Thanks Mum......

Edit*** Not that this would happenin this house of course, but you knew that didnt you???

Saturday, 19 April 2008

Blog Candy !!!

Earlier this week I was told that I was one of the luck Winners of a Blog candy Giveaway !!! Summer by the Sea was having the giveaway and I was to receive a gift in the post. I was so pleased to see the postman stop this morning when I was gardening to give me a parcel, I nearly ripped his hands off. Anyway here are lots of pictures to show you what I received,

The anticipation, beautifully wrapped (almost a shame to take it off)

I received a beautiful Heart which I have now hung on the dresser in the dining room, a tissue packet holder, some pretty ornamental strawberries, chocolates, a tiny cross stitch kit and a lovely card with cream scones and strawberries on. All good enough to eat!!!

Thankyou so much Natalie and your children (as I think it was them who chose the winners)it really brightened my day today to receive such kindness in the post.

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Award Time and a Thank You

This award was sent to me by the lovely leigh my knitting pal. Thank you Leigh you make my day and then there is Bentley who ROCKS !!!!!

I also wanted to thank you all for your kind comments for my Mums birthday. I got her to log on and read them all and she was very touched by all of your kind words. Her little sewing kit is going to the caravan to be used when they go.

Medieval Battle Grounds and sewing.

My son wanted these pictures to be put onto the blog. I think that I have said before that he is not all that interested in craft type things and prefers to make up elaborate role play games. He does like to draw and colour in pictures but his attention for such things is short lived. Well imagine my surprise the other day when he came to me and showed me this picture,

Little Toadstool Fairy Houses in an Enchanted Woodland.
I was even more surprised when he asked for some fabric and thread when i was sorting through some materials. He works better when he is left alone and joins in when he is ready but i never through the day would come when I saw him with a needle and thread in his hand and it was his own idea. It was difficult to get the picture any better as many of the threads are pale in colour and so dont show up, however it is a dog under the moon. This was sewn freehand and all his own work.

These two pictures are taken in his room (after a tidy up) he took them himself and show what he was playing with at the time. He has a military camp set up at one side of the train track and the other shows a Medievel Battle Ground. I said that he had an elaborate imagination when it comes to playing.

Monday, 14 April 2008

Happy Birthday

Saturday was my Mums 60th Birthday, so on Sunday we threw a surprise party for her at a lovely hotel near to where she lives. She had no idea and was completely surprised to come into the room and see her family and friends waiting for her. The above picture is of the cake that my Sister made (the photo does not show how beautiful it really was). The following two pictures are of the gift that I made for her. My parents have recently retired and have bought themselves a caravan, as Mum does lots of sewing I thought she would like a little needle kit t keep at the caravan.

Monday, 7 April 2008

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Arte y Pico Award

The wonderful and inspiring Green Twins Mummy has sent me this award, thank you very much... You can go visit her and her blog by clicking here , Please drop by and say hello to her.....

As usual there are rules, 5 to be exact..

1) Pick 5 blogs that You Feel Are Deserving of this award based on their

(a) creativity,

(b) design,

(c) interesting material, and

(d) contribution to the blogging community, no matter what language.

2) For each award giver: Include the name of the author and a link to their blog, so they can be visited.

3) For each award recipient: Show the award with the name and link to the blogger from whom it was received.

4) For both giver and receiver: Show the link of Arte y Pico. (

5) Publish these rules.

Anyway, here is what she had to say to me

Sarah at
Sarah I find your blog very peaceful & soothing,I adored the month in photos too!

Ok, so here we go,

1) Barbara..
For making me smile and laugh with her wonderful blog and pictures. I also have to thank her for introducing my Daughter to the world of Schleich Horses.

2) Leigh..
For been a Knitting pal.. For having a lovely blog with nice pictures and encouraging me with my knitting.

3) Lucy..
Craft Heaven... I love to read this blog. You have lots of inspiring ideas and a blog packed with lots of fun. Lucy has also organised some fab swaps.

4) Biker Ted..
Biker Ted Rocks... Lots of stunning pictures and tales of bike riding. Encourages me that one day we will spend some time abroard on the bike.

5) Faerie Nuff..
A blog that I have just started to read. However there are lots of interesting posts and pictures and I love your mission to be green and frugal.

I hope that I have done this right and the links all work. It was difficult just choosing 5 people as I could have choosen many many more. I love lots of different blogs for many different reasons and the list would be so long. So for everyone who reads my blog regardless of wether you leave a comment or not, this is for you.

Friday, 4 April 2008



I have been tagged by Cup Cakes, this is my first tag so here goes..

1). Name and URL of person who tagged you.
2). Post the rules.
3). Write 7 things about yourself.
4). Name 7 fav blogs.
5). Send email to 7 blogs to say that they have been tagged

7 Things about me

1... I currently work part time as a Teaching Assistant in a local school, I am studying towards having a Higher Level Teaching Assistant Status. My job is challenging but incredibly rewarding.

2... I am the third born of four daughters. It was wonderful growing up with lots of sisters. There was always someone to play with and the house was never quiet.

3... I love to bake, I spent many hours in the kitchen with my Gran baking cakes. If I ever need a little time to unwind I love to close the kitchen door and BAKE. It s even more fun eating it....YUMMY !!

4... I am terrified of flying, I am scared of falling from 30 thousand feet to the ground below. I would rather not go on holiday that set foot in a plane.

5... Bear in mind number 4 here... I would love to go to America one day and travel EVERYWHERE.. Slight problem with how I will actually get there...

6... I love to craft and although I may not be that good it is still quite a passion for me.

7... I grow organic Vegetables in my very small garden at the back of the house. There is nothing like going out to the garden to get someting and cooking it straight away.

I couldnt decide who to send this tag to, or who were my fav blogs... I love lots of them for many different reasons. Some of them are on the links list to the side of the blog if you would like to have a look.
I am going to open this to everyone who reads this blog. If you would like to join in then please do so, it is nice to hear a little about your fellow bloggers. If you decide to join in then please let me know.

Gooness me I am getting terrible at breaking rules now.... Must be the badness inside of me!!!!!

Holidays and craft stashes.

It is finally the end of term and I have two whole weeks at home with my own children and no work. Please dont get me wrong, I do love my job but there are days when I ask myself what on earth am I doing. I guess it is the same with any job. Anyhow it will be nice to spend some quality time with my children..

On the crafting side of things, er it is moving S-L-O-W-L-Y... I am still knitting the cardigan for my daughter and to be honest I am growing tored of it. I dont always undertsnad what the pattern is saying and it is in my nature to get cross with it, especially when there are other things I am wanting to get on with. I shall finish it, oh yes I will. I would show you a picture but honestly how exciting can a half knitted front of cardigan be?

Have a look at thie gift from my Hubby, isnt it wonderful? Ok well I like it. I had spotted it but would not normally buy myself something like this so he decided he would do it for me.

I think that I will put it up in the bedroom as it will surely be a magnet for grubby little fingers to touch.

Now when I am in re-arranging mode I tend to organise things around where the craft stash can be stored. When he bought me this I said it would be perfect to store craft things and this was of course met with roars of laughter. When it arrived yesterday my Daughter proudly declared that "It is a good place to put your craft things Mummy", shows you how much he knows.....

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Stories and Sunshine

Today has been a much needed day off work, i am looking forward to the end of the week when we start our two weeks holidays. I think that the children could do with the break also. We have so many things that we would like to do but just dont get the time to do it with school and various after school clubs. We have managed to get the after school clubs down in numbers which is good but I am sure that it wont last. This next picture is just to prove that the sun can shine in England, how wonderful it is to feel the heat of the sun eventhough it is through glass and not to mention the gale force winds that are blowing outside.

Big sister is on a school trip until late this evening so we made the most of a little time just the two of us, he is using a wildlife magazine to help him draw a swan. I didnt get a picture of it, he loves to draw but soon gets tired and moves on to something else. He has mountains of energy and I find it hard to get him to burn it this time of the year. When he comes home from school he just want to run around and play but with the weather it has been hard to get him outside in the garden.

I managed to get a couple of frames over the weekend to put the cross stitch pictures in,

I like to have a stash of drawing materials for the children to help themselves to whenever creativity strikes them. Please note however that this is only a VERY SMALL amount of their craft stuff, it is literaly all over the house and garage. Pens, pencils, play doh, paint, paper, books and every other craft thing you can imagine fills every nook of the house.

I wanted to show you a story book that my son has made, it is "The Story's of the Twins" and apparently is a 4 in 1 story book (I will show you one)

One day two twins were playing passies on the beach. Then they,

saw a boat coming towards them.

After that they raced eachother.

In the end it started to rain.


I am sure that it will become a classic story to be heard by many many generations to come. Passies is his choice of words and not mine however it didnt feel right to stop his creative outburst by pointing out to him that it didnt really make sense.