Tuesday, 27 August 2013

All busy here !
Hi I hope that you had a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend. We spent the entire weekend in the back garden trying to transform it from a tip to a lovely place where we can relax. Sadly the weather had other ideas on Saturday and we had to battle through the rain at times until we were soaking and had to retreat indoors.  However is it so nearly transformed and almost ready for plants. 

I have also been finishing off some long overdue craft projects. I bought the seat below a few years ago and although it is lovely, it has never been right.

 I bought some dotty fabric and foam padding a few weeks back and set to and made a cushion for it. It looks better but will need a smaller decorative cushion made to go with it. Perhaps a knitted or crochet one, I can't decide.  Anyway its looking much better already.
Here is another project I have been working on too. In the winter I like to have my bedroom cold, and by that I mean no heating and the big window wide open to allow the air to circulate. Without this I feel like I am suffocating. This means that my poor hubby freezes, he he ! So I thought that I would crochet a lovely blanket to snuggle up with on the bed. I am just crocheting rows of double crochet and only doing two rows before changing the colour, this means that it is growing slowly and perhaps would have been better in Treble crochet to make it grow quicker. Either way its a lovely way to spend the evenings, have you seen how dark its getting now ? It was completely dark here the other night by half past eight !

Here is a sneaky peek at the delicious apples we have growing in the back garden right now.
Yummy !

Bye for now,


Friday, 23 August 2013

Stop Dreaming, Start Living

The title of this post came about from a conversation I was having with my Mam yesterday. We were talking about her poorly laptop and what she wanted to be able to use it for, I said that I mainly use my laptop to find craft projects (that I never do) and read the many lovely blogs out there. The problem with this is that I find craft projects and blogs and the following happens,

"I could never do that, it will be too difficult"

"I wish I could do that"

"If only my home was like that"

"I wish my life was ......... "

You get the picture?

 I said to my Mam that I needed to start living the dreams I have and stop making thousands of excuses as to why I will never be able to do so and that only other people can do these things.
Is this making any sense ?
Well there you go, perhaps that was the motivation I needed to get back into blogging.


I know from talking to other people that I am not alone in feeling this way so perhaps you might like to join in (if anyone still reads this ) and start living out your dreams.  I'd love to hear from you.