Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Picnics in the sunshine and foraging.

Last week in a true spur of the moment I took my dear son for a picnic. Sadly as Old Mother Hubbard seems to have taken over the kitchen we stopped off and bought sandwiches on the way. The sun was shining and it was truly beautiful.
We just sat together munching our food and watching the world go past. I very very rarely buy a magazine as they are far too expensive for my pocket but as a small treat we bought one each. My son bought one on aeroplanes (as any 12 year old would?) and mine was the latest copy of The Lady magazine. 

 We went here to Finchale Priory,  it is free to visit the property but you pay £3 for the car park. It is incredibly beautiful and well worth the visit.
 The picture above was the view from our picnic spot.
 We crossed the river to go for a walk in the woods.
 Magical !
 It was so hot that even I was tempted to dip my toes, although I passed.
 This tree seemed to go on for ever and ever.

We have also been foraging recently. Now we are not fortunate enough to live in the countryside but there are still plenty of foraging opportunities in the city.
 The above are Mirabelle Plums been made into wine. The smell of these are delicious, good enough to eat.
 Damsons !
What else would you make with damsons other than Damson Gin. I know I could have made jam but I honestly have so much jam in the cupboards that we made from strawberries in the summer that I will still be eating it next year.

I haver my eyes on the blackberries but they are not quite ready for picking just yet.