Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Summer Living !!

When you live in the North east of England you learn that the weather does not lways last and you have to make the most of the beautiful days. We have been lucky with wonderful weather but the last couple of days have been covered in thick fog. One of the joys of living on the coast I guess.

As we ended week one of the school summer holidays I have been trying to make the holidays special for the children so that one day they will look back and say "Remember when !!!". I am lucky that I work in a school so get the same holidays as the children and this means that I am always here for them as though I were still at home full time.
Here is a little fact about me, I HATE the TV.. Goodness, it is just hours and hours of rubbish and repeats. I never have it on during the day and can honestly feel my bloodpressure rise when Andrew comes home from work and switches on the news or some other stuff. I would be happy to be a no tv family but I dont think that it would go down very well to be honest. I am lucky in that I am not subjected to football as he doesnt like it, however I am subjected to lots and lots of motorbike racing every weekend. I will be so pleased once the MotoGP and Superbikes are finished, although I would put money on them repeating the whole season for your viewing pleasure. BLEURGH !!!

On Saturday evening I sat in the garden with the above whilst my children splashed in their pool, it is so nice to take time for yourself but I did enjoy listening to them playing and laughing together. I am lucky that they get on well, although they do have their moments together.
I love that Tea Cup, I cant bring myself to drink tea if it is not in a Tea Cup and has been brewed in a pot. It just does not taste the same.

We were going to an airshow on Sunday but had a change of plans so went to the river instead. We had the most glorious day, the children played and swam and I hid under the shade of a tree.
I have made three picnics in the last week, dont you just love a picnic? There is something quite special about having packed a picnic and setting off on an adventure.

Friday, 25 July 2008

Christmas in July !!

I am a member of a Christmas forum and we decided to do a Christmas in July swap. The idea was a kind of secret sister, you wouldnt know who was sending you a parcel until it arrived and it was not the same person you were sending to. The parcels were to be opened today as it is the 25th.. Here is a picture of my Gifts waiting to be opened.

And here is what was waiting for me inside

I now have the perfect evening planned, I am going to watch my movie, eat my choccies and either drink the hot chocolate or have a glass of wine. Oh and errr Hubby will be sent to the pub !!! Thank you to my swap partner.

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Water Play

Today we had a trip to see a friend from work who had gone camping for the week. The weather has been beautiful recently and it didnt disappoint today either. The kids all had a wonderful time and we tucked into a picnic down by the river. My daughter took her very first river swim today, yes Mum I hear you gasp however reluctant I was I decided to let her have a try. I was stood right by the edge of the river ready to rescue at any moment. She did well but soon decided that it was to cold and came back. PHEW !!!!!

There was also lots of this going on.
Apart from my sunburn (which is not that bad I guess and I was sat in the shade and still got burnt) we had a wonderful time.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Mondays trip to the beach.

Monday we had a day at the beach planned. My sister and her friends from a Toddler Group were having a coach trip to the beach near us and as we have not seen each other for ages it was the ideal time to get our buckets and spades and head to the beach. It was a beautiful day and the sunshine was a welcome change to our recent thunder storms and rain.

I like this picture as it shows the beautiful clean beach and you cant really see it in the picture but there was a mist of sea spray hovering over the water and it looked really pretty.
The kids enjoyed jumping over the waves as they crashed in. My son was not bothered about the sea this time, he just kept digging and digging in the sand.

My one year old niece was NOT happy with her first trip to the beach. This little girls is normally runing around their house keeping up with her two brothers. However she was more than happy just to sit on her Mummys knee or on her Aunties. There was no way that these little feet were going to go anywhere near the sand. I just love baby feet, so had to take this picture when she was sat on my knee, just for a change !!!!

Friday, 18 July 2008

Schools OUT !!!!!

I am so happy that it is the last day of term, I tell ya !!! I couldnt get out of that school quick enough today. The last hour really dragged but eventually the time came for me to put down my pens and paper, say good bye to the children and skip my way out of that building. I love my job dearly, however one of the perks of working in a school is working term time and having lots a holidays. Now if this rain will ever go away we can enjoy ourselves a whole lot better.

I just have not felt like blogging recently, I dont know but there seems to have been lots of things happening and when I get home from work I just cant be bothered to do anything as I am so tired. Now we are home I am hoping to spend lots of time with my own children doing lots and lots of nice things. I hope that this means that normal service will resume and there will be lots of blogging to do.

Friday, 4 July 2008

Happy Independence Day

For my dear American friends.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend,
I will be thinking of you all.
GOD Bless,
Sarah x

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Catching Up

I am sorry I have not blogged in over two weeks but life got busy and I have been enjoying just ding things at home, although i have been keeping up to date with your blogs. It is funny how a break can refresh your mind and you can overcome bloggers block and come back with plenty to say. I have received many complaints about the lack of blogging (Sorry Mum) so I had better colect my thoughts and get back to it.

24th June was my Birthday, I had the most wonderful few days (yes I managed to stretch it to afew days). The day before I went and met my Mum and one of my Sisters for lunch. I took my camera but didnt get any pictures. The 24th I spent time with my family and we went for a lovely meal with friends.. Here are some of the goodies I received...

My Mum made this for me. I have wanted one for ages and cant seem to figure out how to crochet. I cant wait to snuggle up on the cold evenings or when we go camping. I love nothing better than to snuggle up with a blankie.. I tool this picture of it on my bed but will keep it until the weather cools or we go camping.
Here is a picture for my Mum, she said she hadnt seen my bedroom since we decorated it. I love this room, right now I think that it is my favourite room in the house. It is such a calm and peaceful room.

A view from the other side.

This is our new dresser.
Did I tell you how much I love this room? I could sit here all day and just relax.

The people who know me will know that I have an obsession with all things Amish or reading about the Shaker way of life and also about how I plan one day to have a small house or even a log cabin and live in the middle of nowhere with only my thoughts for company (oh and perhaps a hubby and children, but you know what I mean). Anyway, one of my presents was the above book. OH MY GOODNESS how I love this book. I saw the TV series and enjoyed it and the book is just as good. I love the simple way of life. Dont get me wrong, I know that these people had it hard and they worked all day and life was very difficult. It is the simplicity that attracts me, how they made do with what they had. Yes my home is full of gadgets that are supposed to make life easier for me and I do like having them. But I think that we could all have a look at our lives and see what changes we can make to make our life a little easier or simple. There are lots of things we could change, what would you do?

I love to listen to music, smooth, soft and calming music. this was my gift from my Hubby.

My sister made me this. She does not like sewing but took the time to make me this. Thanks K....

My other sister bought me this as part of my gift. It smells almost good enough to eat but is a candle so I guess I should not. Thanks T and family for this.
Thank you to Leigh for her card, I forgot to take a picture but will soon and thanks to April for her mail.
I had a wonderful few weeks and hope to get back to the blogging. I will have to get some pictures of my knitting and I have lots of other posts in mind.