Saturday, 4 December 2010

Peppermint Bark !

Merry Christmas ! I recently saw some Peppermint Bark but the price was a little out of my price range (£30). So what else do you do on a cold snowy day ? Make your own. Here is what we did.......

You need 2 packs of either dark or milk chocolate, two packs of white chocolate and some peppermint candy canes or similar sweets (how many depends on how much peppermint you like to eat, you can also add more or less chocolate depending on how big the tin is you are going to put it in).Chop up both of your choclates but keep them in separate bowls for now.

Put the chocolate in a bain marie or microwave to melt it. Start with the plain/milk chocolate first as you want this to set in the fridge before you do the white chocolate.

Whilst you are waiting for the chocolate to melt you can get your willing helper to crush the candy canes for you. You need the bits to be quite big and chunky though.

Once you have meted your chocolate your need to put it in a tin lined with either foil or greaseproof paper. It then needs to go into the fridge and you need to start and melt the white chocolate. When the milk/dark chocolate has set in the fridge you need to pour the white chocolate onto the top of the set chocolate. (tip: let the white chocolate cool before you put it on the set chocolate as it will melt it).

When you have put the white chocolate on the top you need to tip the baking sheet to cover the top. Whilst your chocolate is still runny you need to sprinkle the crushed candy canes on the top. Put it into the fridge to allow it to set.

When it is set this is what it will look like. Take it out of the tin and remove the paper/foil. Chop it into bitesize pieces.

(tip: it will be quite hard to cut as it is cold so I would get the strongest member of the family to do this for you.)


Yummy yummy yummy !

I would store it in the fridge to keep it fresh and stop it from melting, although I suspect it wont last very long as it is so yummy.