Sunday, 30 March 2008

Pictures and Ebay Bargains

This is the picture that I bought for hubby's birthday. It comes as a poster type print and we went and bought a frame for it today. It is hanging in the kitchen.

This is my Ebay bargain, I have wanted to have a Monks bench for ages but thought they were far too expensive, so you can imagine my surprise and delight when I managed to get this on Ebay for £27 yes £27... YAY !!!!!! I did have to drive for about two and a half hours to get it and then all the way back again but even with the petrol and time spent o the motorway it was worth it. Again I have this is the kitchen.

Friday, 28 March 2008

Hello There

I couldnt think of a title for this post, I just thought that I would introduce you to my new friends. Ben, Jerry and Mr Bunny

After work today when I dashed into the supermarket they jumped off the the shelf and out of the freezer demanding to be bought. I tried to resist but I was WEAK.. I felt a tiny twinge of guilt when Hubby proudly announces he has lost a STONE in weight and has done very little to actually do it, he is what we call "A Gym Sponsor" he donates a fee every month for them to have MTV playing in the background but never actually uses any of the facilities. Anyway the guilt was short lived when I am sat here in peace with children in bed and a Hubby who has gone out eating a bowl of delcious (Ok sickly) ice cream. HEAVEN... Enjoy your weekend, I will be back later with piccies of my ebay bargain. Iam off to watch Most Haunted Live...

S xxx

March 27th

My Hubby shares his birthday with our Niece, whilst she celebrates her very first birthday he is celebrating his 36th (hehehe)ok so this is by no means old and if 50 is the new 40 then that makes us both still in our 20's. The children made Daddy trifle and we had gifts for him, non of which I have pictures of as the camera battery died.. Over the weekend we are going to a first birthday party for her and here is her gift

I know that clothes are not the most exciting of gifts but bearing in mind that she is only one I am sure that she will like playing with the wrapping paper much more that any toy you could buy her, I also find it difficult buying for children as most toys are the same thing but just in a different plastic outer shell. Yeah Yeah I am no scrooge, I will just wait until I find her the perfect little thing just for her.
Iam just looking at the fabric and quite like it and can see how it could be used for something other than the dress, perhaps a little craft project of some sort.

I promise that I will not cut it up, PROMISE !!!!

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Look at what I found !!

I found these two cross stitch pictures I made whilst searching in the loft for embroidery hoops. I made them ages ago, one of them I have dated as 1996 on the bottom of the picture. I remember making them but had no idea where they had gone since we moved to this house 5 years ago. I used to have them framed and hanging in the bathroom of our old house. They appear to be a little creased and I have had them under a heavy book to see if that improves them otherwise I will have to iron them. I think that I will get them framed and hang them somehwere, I will update with better pictures later.

I never did find the embroidery hoops, I have one which fixes to my desk but I cant find the others anywhere. I have placed a sneaky order online to get some more delivered.

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Easter Weekend

We have had a wonderful time over the easter Weekend, spending time togethere just the four of us has been a rare treat recently. We started on Friday with another trip to watch the basketball, we won again much to the delight of our son. He is becoming quite the expert at basketball now !!
We have been making chocolate egg cakes, which is becoming quite the tradition now. Isnt it funny how you start to do something without quite thinking about it and before you know it has become quite the loved family tradition.

On Easter Sunday we made the most of some Sunshine and headed for the beach and no matter how cold it is the children just had to have an ice cream, hem hem ok yes I just HAD to have one also.

The sea was quite rough but it is so beautiful to see and listen to. I think that I may always have to live within a short drive of the ocean. It is quite hard to understand how in some parts of the world the land is so vast that people have never seen the ocean. I guess that the advantage of living on a small island is that you are never that far from a beach.

HOWEVER I draw the line at getting into the water on such a day, can you spot the surfer? CRAZY !!!!

To finish off here is the little corner of our living room that seems to have evolved to this.

I have been busy knitting, reading and cutting up fabric to make my rag rug and seem to have built this little corner with all of my things. All it needs is a drink and I may never have to leave. Hope that you all had a wonderful Easter. We have two more weeks and then school closes for two weeks.

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Pay It Forward

I was luck enough to be able to join in with Leighs Pay it Forward. The rules are that I am now to offer to send a gift either made by me or bought to the first three people who reply to this post in the comments section. The gift will be posted to you within the next 365 days, so you may get it next week of later in the year, Who Knows? But you will receive something from me. I am supposed to then ask ou to forward a gift on to three of your blogger friends. HOWEVER I am going to BREAK the rules here (hope this is OK Leigh), If you wish to offer the same on your blog then please do so but otherwise there is no problem and I will gladly send out your gift to you just for been a bloggy friend. I am itching to get crafting, so many ideas popping around in my head right now.

Just thinking

I am just ranting here so please feel free to skip by this post if you like.
having been reading a friends blog recently it got me thinking about what is actually important in ife. I feel that what was imprtant to me 10 years ago is not even a priority now and have been replaced by other things. I guess that when you have children life takes on a whole new meaning.

I have been trying to reclaim some of the house and banish some of the childrens toys away to their bedrooms. The problem with this is that they want to play where the adults are.."Downstairs". Really though is this a real problem? Is it nice that the children want to be close by and in a few years when they become moody teenagers i will be trying to pull them from their rooms by any means. ? Will the world end because there are toys around the house and evidence of the children who live hear?
I think that the answer to these questions is pretty simple..NO...

It may not be tidy but it is loved and treasured.
It may not be a show home from one of those glossy magazines.
There may be piles of laundry waiting at various stages of completion.
It may not be many things but it is our HOME and we LOVE it.

My childrens friends love to come here, they are allowed to paint, get the glitter out, play with play doh, bake cakes and a whole list of other such stuff that the children enjoy. Things that there parents admit that they are not allowed to do at home for fear that a speck of glitter may get on the carpet and yes their omes are alwas emaculate with no evidence that a child even lves there.

this post is not to offend anyone to manages the imaculate home with a house full of children and works and and and... so please dont get cross, my hat goes off to you if you can do it all. these are only my random thoughts and are here to remind me of what is important to me right now. Domestic Goddess I am not but Happy Mamma I am.

Thursday, 13 March 2008

One in a million.

Yay !!! another award... From the lovely Leigh .. Because I ROCK !!! Thankyou so very much Leigh ...

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Just thought that I would post a day in pictures. Been busy today

The rice pudding is on and it is not even 9.00am.

Baked a delicious Banana and Golden Syrup Loaf Cake

Been crafty, thought that we would get the finger paints out and paint some stones collected from the beach by the children.

The Pinball Wizard

Went out for a walk and met this little fella, hungry for some food.

Walking through the bare March Woods

A little promise of spring.

Met another little friend along the way.

Homework.. bleurgh !!!!!

Bean casserole

Anyone for a piece of cake?????

Hope you have all had a wonderful weekend.

Sarah x

Go Team

On Friday we took the children to their first ever Basketball Game, they had so much fun. My son could hardly sit in his seat he was so excited. He soon learned all of the supporting chants to encourage the team (thankfully they were suitable for little ears unlike the Football.... ). It was so nice to see him enjoying himself as normally he wouldnt like the noise or some other excuse. I certainly think that his confidence is improving.... YAY !!!!! My Daughter said that she enjoyed it but I dont really think that it would be her normal choice of entertainment but she enjoyed having some time out as a family which is quite a rare thing at times.

Next time we are going to go to the Ice Hockey match. Now this is something that I have always wanted to go to. I have no idea what the rules are but I am sure it will be fun.

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Happy Mothers day

I know that this is late but I have been unwell so have not been able to post. Anyway normal service shall resume. I gave my Mum the quilted wall hanging I made her (see sneaky peak) but completely forgot to take a picture, so I am waiting for my sister to go round and take one so that I can post it. I know she will have forgotten but perhaps this will SHAKE HER MEMEORY when she reads this post.

I have been trying to change the template of this blog and it is driving me crazy, all I want to do is make it the colours I want but blogger has other ideas. I have done this previously but it seems that it doenst want to play this time. gggrrrr !!!
Thank you for all of your posts re the bike, we are really pleased with it. I have not been on it as I only like to ride it when it is warm and there is no chance of rain. So as you can imagine living in the North of England I am quite limited really.

This picture was taken when a group of us took the bikes racing.

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Look at our new toy !!!!!

How much FUN !!!!!!!!!!!!! We have been lost since certain people thought it was a good idea to steal our other bike on Christmas Day, however after what seemed like forever we finally got another. Hopefully during the summer we will be going to Europe or at least having afew days away touring together.