Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Simple Things

Now I know that what I should be doing is ironing, HOWEVER the garden was calling for me to take some pictures and get them posted on here. I love my garden, it is a place that I can escape to and do many many things. I am just learning about gardening and have the attitude that if something works then that is great, if it doesnt and the plant doesnt take then I learn from the mistake. I have some garden books but have keen gardeners on the end of a phone, You know who you are.. Thank you as always.

Here is a close up of the flowers on the "Broom" in my garden followed by a picture of the whole thing.

This is the "Rhododendron" I took a close up picture because it is been covered by the broom. Once the flowring is over i hope to move the brrom to a corner of the garden where hopefully it will grow and not shadow other plants.

I cant remember what this plant is called.This is the close up picture of the tiny flowers on it followed by the whole thing. The flowers sadly dont last for long before they all fall off and look like snowflakes on the floor.

At the front of our home we have a glass porch which receives the full sunshine making it a nice warm place to keep plants until the weather is good enough to plant out. Here are Marigolds and another plant which I cant remember the name of. These were kindly donated from my father in laws greenhouse

Here we have Marigolds, Chives and turnips again kindly donated (Well his greenhouse was packed full so I am sure he wont miss afew plants, just how many did he really need anyway!!!)

These are Mint, Cucumbers and Tomato planted by my dear Husband.

This is a close up picture of the Acer we received for our 7th wedding anniversary, it has copper coloured leaves which are just starting to show (looks abit like a dead twig at the moment) and copper is for the 7th wedding anniversary.

Boarders waiting for seeds to grow. They have cottage garden wild flowers planted in them.

Corkscew hazel

Apple Tree Blossom. A bithday present from Andrew a couple of years ago.

The English Countryside

A couple of weeks ago I went to stay at my sisters house and look after her boys whilst she went to hospital to have her baby. The oldest was at school so I took the little one out for a walk around their village. Here are some pictures that we took whilst we were out. Their village is a tiny tiny little place in the middle of nowhere but ever so pretty.

Friday, 13 April 2007

Catching Up

We have enjoyed the Easter Break from school. The children went to stay at their Grandparents for a couple of days so this gave us a much needed break. Most of our time has been spent in the garden digging over the borders and planting new seeds. The weather has been hot and sunny over the last couple of weeks which is rare for this time of the year over here.
Just a couple of pictures, one is of the children playing on a local beach and the opther is of a much wanted chocci bunny that my dear hubby gave me.

Thursday, 5 April 2007

Happy Easter

Well I guess that I wont get on here over the weekend as family time is a precious thing here at the moment but I wanted to wish you all a very Happy Easter. If like it is in our house you will have many easter eggs waiting to be eaten, my children have sooo many that I think we will melt the chocolate down and use them for making some cakes.
My young Niece who is 4 has come to stay for a couple of days so no doubt we will have many shows and performances to watch over the next few days as when the three of them get together they make the most wonderful shows for us all to watch ;>

We are hoping that the good weather we are having will stay for a while to give us chance to get out into the garden and get it tidied up and ready for the summer season.
Well I have to dash, have a wonderful weekend however you spend it.

GOD Bless,

Sarah x

Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Lots to catch up on

My goodness where have I been?
I have no idea where the time has gone recently, one week seems to fly into the next and before we know it we will be talking about summer holidays been a thing of the past and looking towards the christmas celebrations.

I must wish Andrew a Happy Birthday for the 27th March, his day was put to one side as we welcomed the newest member of the family on the same day. Congratulations to my sister and her husband on the birth of their daughter, all I can say is "AWW, HOW CUTE IS SHE?" she is adorable, she has two adorable big brothers to stick up for her. All I wanted as a child was an older brother but couldnt understand why my parents couldnt get me one !!!!! Love my sisters all the same.

The rest of last weeks past in a blur but we are now in the school holidays so it is time to recharge those batteries and get back on track. I am hoping to spend some time with the children on some Easter crafts over the next couple of days and I have my other Niece coming to stay for a couple of days towards the end of the week.


Sarah x