Sunday, 26 April 2009

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Early morning walks along the cliff edge whilst my daughter was at her riding lesson. There is loads of wildlife near here, mainly lots and lots of birds but we were lucky enough to see a fox...

Saturday, 25 April 2009


Don't you ever just need a little inspiration? You know when you look around you and see the piles of things (read..Crap) that you accumulate and hoard and keep F-O-R-E-V-E-R. You dont know what to do with this stuff and the house is all messy because you are out all day at work and the kids have homework but all they want to to is play and your daughter is bugging you about getting ready for a party in five hours time and you really should make some time to just play with your kids but you have a list as long as a roll of andrex of things to do.... sigh.... Sometimes you just need a little inspiration........
I used to be one of those Mummys who did stuff with the kids, all that crafting stuff and cooking and baking and we had trips out and all sorts of stuff. Now by the end of the week I am exhausted and want to sleep until Monday when I go back to work but then I am annoyed that I wasted the weekend... Ok so tell me what kinds of things you do to keep your children entertained, what do they enjoy and what kind of stuff do you do for family time.. Any ideas greatly appreciated..

Okay rant over with..LOL..

We did enjoy the half term although not all of the activities planned were done but we had fun all the same. I have some lovely pictures on my daughters camera but cant find the cable that connects her camera to the computer so they will have to wait. Anyway here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Lovely walks along the beaches near our home, It is so nice to be able to hop into the car and drive down to the beach. I could walk but I am far too lazy for that.. ha ha ha This is not the closest beach to us but only a short drive away..

Rock pooling on the beach, sadly they were all empty as word had got out that we were going and all of the little creatures made sure they could either hide in the depths of where I was unwilling to put my hands ( well you never know what might run out from under the seaweed )or swim back out to sea.. I am sure I could hear them laughing. Next time we will get them..
Little purses made for little girlies to take to sleepovers. Lovely sleepovers at Grandma's house with lots of sewing, quilting and hiding the remote control from Grandad and forcing him to watch Sponge Bob... ha ha ha....

Sunday, 19 April 2009

50 Things about me.

I found this over at Cakes Make the World a Better Place and thought I would join in on the fun. Feel free to join in but let me know so I can pay you a visit.

1. Are you wearing a hat?No.

2. Bottled water?Sometimes, but I usually drink it from the tap.

3. Do you have a crush on someone right now? Err no not right now.

4. What kind of computer do you have?Fujitsu Lap Top

5. Do you prefer writing in pen or pencil? Pen, but if I am taking notes I will usually use a pencil

6. Who was the last message in your inbox from? A friend from the US telling me about her children.

7. What’s your favorite season? I like them all but will say either Autmn or Winter

8. Does your best friend have a boyfriend or girlfriend?No

9. Do you like Tea? Yes I like a cup of tea but also enjoy herbal teas.

10. Favorite radio station? BBC Radio 2

11. Type your name into Google. What's the first site that appears? An article for a Sustainable Community Workshop.

12. What’s your favorite song at the moment? I think it would be something by Nina Simone.

13. Coke or Pepsi ? Neither.

14. Favorite subject in school? History or French

15. Last concert? Well I took my daughter to see Girls Aloud but a concert for adults would have been either Hayseed Dixie or Marilyn Manson.. Ha bet you were not expecting that. LOL.

16. Next concert? None planned but love to see live music of all sorts as you can see above.

17. Last magazine you bought? Your Home

18. Last book you read? "Hello Fatty" Dawn French

19. Do you prefer cats or dogs? Dogs

20. Is there someone you want to punch right now? Next question, better not name and shame...

21. Favorite sports team? ?????????????

22. Country you most want to visit? USA........

23. Are you a Blogger addict? Probably

24. When do you shower? In the morning.

25. What’s your dream job? Either to be a baker or own my own little Tea Shop.

26. What kind of car do you drive? Volvo

27. What word in the dictionary best describes you? Crazy

28. What’s your blog address? You are reading this so you know..

29. Worst TV show at the moment? Well I dont really watch much telly but Iam going to say the Moto GP as that is all that is on our at the moment and it is on until about October....sigh.....LOL...

30. Are you a better talker or better listener?Listener

31. What your favorite colour? You mean there are other colours than pink.. I didnt know that.

32. What is your favorite animal? Horse

33. Are you afraid of the dark?No.

34. Is there something lacking in your life right now? No.

35. What do you miss most about childhood? Not been afraid to fall off the horse, it hurts when you get older.

36. How many times did it take you to pass your drivers test? Passed on my second test.

37. How many kids do you want? Trillions

38. Are you good painter? No

39. Can you cook? Yes.

40. Are you a cheapskate? No..

41. What would you do with a million dollars? Buy a house in the middle of nowhere with a HUGE fence around the land, get a shotgun and sit on my porch.. No I am not anti social.

42. Have you been to Disney World? Does Disney Land Paris count?

!43. How man days a month are you online? Most of them

44. Last time you went bowling?February for my daughters birthday.

45. Hot or cold weather? Somewhere in the middle

46. How many pairs of shoes do you have? 4 or 5 something like that, Iam not into shoes. The best are my DM'S the best pair of shoes ever and they are PINK!

47. Are you a shop-a-holic?No - I hate going shopping.

48. Where were you yesterday morning at 10:30? Watching our motorbike been taken off the back of an AA truck outside the house.

49. Are you afraid of the dentist? Oh I hate it, terrified. Although I am actually a trained Dental Nurse.. I dont care as long as it is not my mouth. I do go though.

50. Were you bored or entertained by this survey? Entertained.

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Sigh !!!!!

Poor hubby didnt get very far before the AA had to bring him home, at least it was just a breakdown.

I am back to work on Monday (sigh!!) I have had two weeks off and feel much better for it but just dont feel like going back yet. Boo hoo......

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Easter Swap

I recently took part in the Easter Swap hosted by Pixiedust and my swap partner was PJ over at Snailgarden ... Here is a picture of the goodies kindly sent to my from PJ. I cant thank you enough, I love them all.

Beautifully wrapped

Lovely goodies

Cute card

Thank you for such wonderful gifts.

I naturally sent a parcel in the swap but only took a photograph of the mini quilt I made, if you want to see what else I sent you will need to go and visit Snailgarden

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Pay it Forward

I am taking part in a Pay it Forward.. So the first three people to comment on here will receive something from me in the post soon, all you have to do is continue the giving and offer the same over on your blog. I nearly forgot I will need you to email me your address, my email is on the top of the blog page.

Sarah x