Wednesday, 31 October 2007

The Tooth Fairy has visited

I nearly forgot to mention that last week my dear son lost his very first tooth. He has been so excited to have his very own lose tooth, he has seen his sister loose teeth and be visited by the tooth fairy bu this one was all his. As last week was half term and the children were off school we helped out at the church holiday club, well on the Friday he came running up to me holding his mouth with one hand and a tooth in the other. He didnt care that his little mouth was bleeding all he was concerned about was that he is now a Big Boy (he is 6 you know) as his tooth had fallen out. He took great delight in leaving that tooth under his pillow at bedtime and was soon asleep with the anticipation of a visit from the tooth fairy. I guess he will never forget where he was when he lost this tooth, he had such a fun time at church that day.

Anyone for Halloween?

I really cant decide how I feel about Halloween. Part of me feels that it is just a bit of fun and an excuse for the children to get dressed up and then another part of me really doesnt like it at all. I dont like it when older kids knock at the door wearing their normal clothes asking for money "Penny for Halloween", they cant even get dressed up. The younger children who make the effort to be dressed up and have some kind of adult with them will be welcome to come to the house for "Sweeties". i dont even want to start on what the people at church feel towards the whole event. I shudder at the thought.

However my children dont miss out, Oh No....
We did go to a party this evening which is held at our church. It is a "Alternative Halloween party", the children are encouraged to get dressed up in their brightest of clothes, we make pizza, decorate biscuits, bob for apples and then instead of carving a scary face out of the pumpkin we carve out "Jesus" on one side and a cross on the other. Even the children who dont attend church who come always have a wonderful time. I guess it is one of those "Each to their own" moments.

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Harvest Festival

Today was the Harvest Festival at my sons school...... OOOOOOh such a proud Mummy!
He got up and said his many lines and never looked uncomfortable at all. When he had finished he gave me the thumbs up and had a HUGE smile, he said that he had really enjoyed himself.
This is the child who would never leave my side and would cry every day going into school despite the fact that he was in his second year at school. I think that we have turned a corner and a confident little boy is emerging. YAY !!!!!! We are so proud of you son.... Love You!

Saturday, 6 October 2007

Welcome October

Oh the time is literally flying here. I cant quite believe that it is October already. Things have been busy as usual here but nothing seems that interesting to blog about really. We are still enjoying vegetables form the garden. The courgettes are still growing and we have sweetcorn waiting to be picked for dinner on Sunday, there is still beetroot,leeks and onions. I am so pleased with what we have accomplished with such a small patch of earth. I would love to dig up the whole garden and plant veggies in the whole lot, but as we has new turf laid in the garden a year ago I cant really justify digging the whole lot up. However we do need new turf in the front garden so I could transplant it there couldnt I? heheheh we shall have to wait and see what happens with that.

I love all of the seasons as they all bring their own charm but I do love Autumn and Winter. I love the dark nights when I can snuggle up under a blanket and have candles lit around the room, I have to have lots and lots of candles. A hot cup of tea or hot chocolate is also another must have.

I am starting planning for the christmas season and have enjoyed having the sewing machine out for various craft projects to give as gifts. I have most of my gifts ready and only have my own children left to buy for. This is where I struggle, what on earth can I get them? I have no ideas. I once read a Victorian Poem which said;

Something they want,

Something they need,

Something to wear and

Something to read.

Or as some people have suggested, should we only buy three gifts which represent the three gifts given to Jesus by the Three Wise Men?

I dont think that there can be a right answer and I guess you have to do what fits your budget and your beliefs. I dont quite know what I will do but I do know that no matter what they get they will be delighted and the most important gift you can give a person is you and your time.