Sunday, 26 February 2012

Feeling Frumpy !

I have recently been having my own little pity party for one and have been feeling a little on the frumpy side.  Like Mothers the world over I dont prioritise "Me time" and I have been feeling a little neglected and ... well..... Frumpy !
This has eventually drove my poor hubby nuts with my constant moaning so I have bought afew treats which naturally make me feel guilty but hey ho ! Whatever !
 Do you remember those ever so lovely Love Heart Sweets ? Well after popping into Superdrug I spotted these Lip Balms which look just like them.
 They dont really smell of anything which is a shame as I am used to minty lip balms but they are OK. They dont look as bright when you apply them just a nice shiny pink. 
 A little pink eyeshadow and lip gloss. Can you believe that the Love Heart Lip Balms were £2 each, I cant remember the price of the eyeshadow but it was only a few pounds and the lip gloss was £1. 
I also recently signed myself up to try GlossyBox . Basically you pay a monthly subscription of £12 and receive a box of "High End" sample size goodies each month.  This is how it came and below is what I received. 
Inside it was,
* DUWOP Lip Gloss
* DR BRONNER Liquid soap/ shower gel
* PAUL MITCHELL  Hair Curl Definer
*BM Mineral eyeshadow

It was Ok, the body lotion is lovely as it smells of essential oils and the shower gel has organic essential oils in it, so again I like this. However the rest I am a bit Blah about, they are nice and I will keep . Will I get another one ? I dont know, its nice to receive a little treat each month but I think that I would prefer to pick out what I would like.  If I get could get my rear into gear I like to make my own lotions and potions and have plenty of books on the subject but I just never seem to get the time to make any. Do you make any of your own beauty supplies? 

Friday, 17 February 2012

This Moment

{this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

I am joining in with Soulemama this week for the Friday Ritual.
Have a peaceful, blessed weekend. x

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Having a clear out !

I have been busy clearing out STUFF ! You see, around my house there are various places which have the purpose of storing craft gear.  I have been doing different craft type things for years and have built up quite a collection from card making to sewing to knitting and more recently crochet.  I am guilty as charged for buying things that I love, storing them away and keeping them for a rainy day Well in my quest for decluttering I started with some of my craft stash. 
 Here is where the paper craft things are kept and I forgot to photograph all of the stuff stashed beside this seat. However when I took it all out it looked something like this ,
 Words escape me right now about all this STUFF !
 Anyway here is the after shot. Everything that you see in the above photograph has been sorted through and placed back inside here or the recycling bin apart from the purple bag thing you see in the background on the above picture. 
 Here is another after shot. Out of sight out of mind. 
 I didnt take a before shot of this cute little ottoman that my Hubby bought me a few years back. Inside here I keep my fabrics and patterns. Its all been sorted and you can actually sut the top now. 
 Another job jobbed ! Inside of here are some of the knitting patterns that belonged to my Grandmother, she would be tickled pink if she knew that I was sharing them with you on the world wide web. I can remember some of these as a child, she was always knitting something or other from toys to jumpers and cardigans. 

 It shows how old these are, just look at the lovely clothes that Sindy is wearing. Do you remember Sindy ? Gosh we had loads of them with four girls in the house, I think that we probably had just about every Sindy item you could buy at the time and to think that people collect them now. Anyway moving on.......

 I used to love CareBears, did you ?  I dont remember having a knitted out though, I think I used to have some of the small plastic ones. I might have to make my very own CareBear, he he !
 This is copyrighted in the early 70's
And here is my very own knitted Scarecrow made by my Grans fair hands. I am guessing here but I think it is probably 23 years old.

Anyhow, I have been busy creating here but have yet to take some photographs to share with you. I have been doing some crochet  and enjoying cups of hot tea with the lovely Melanie. She very kindly has been teaching me some new tricks with the crochet so I can move on from the Granny Squares. Thanks Melanie.  Not only is it nice to learn something new but its nice to have things around the home that I have made myself. 

Right, I am off now as we are watching The Magicians on tv and I need to see to the fire. 
Have a lovely weekend.