Saturday, 18 October 2008

Its all about to change !

You may remember a little while ago I posted about changes... Well this family is changing...
I rush around, run here there and everywhere, skip meals, spend a fortune on petrol, often get to my evening meal and realise I have not had a drink all day and many other things (Hubby is just as bad ) . Well today is the day it STOPS...........

I once heard a saying "If Mamma aint happy, aint nobody happy".
Well this Mamma aint happy, OH NO SHE AINT.

Dont you sometimes feel that the days fly past and suddenly you realise you didnt have the time to sit with your little ones and listen to them read, you get them to rush their homework on a sunday evening because you have been too "busy" to do it with them earlier. What impression does it give to our children when we just dont have time, I dont want to say "Mummy doesnt have the time" anymore.. It is an easy trap to fall into, dont you think.

I want to take a side step and jump off the rollercoaster and spend as much time as possible nurturing my children and giving them the time that they deserve. I want to take more time for me and do the things that I like, I am sure there are some and I have just forgotten.

There are changes happening around here and it feels good.

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Let me introduce...

Here is my little Bellatrix, also known as Belle!!! She at times does resemble her name sake and is a little madame but generally we are getting along OK. Isnt she just a darling????

She is now eight weeks old and I think that she is starting to settle in. She has howled and howled but for the last few days she has started to settle down and is fitting in quite well.

My son wanted to call her Tinkerbell but I couldnt see Andrew shouting "Tinkerbell" in the park, neither can I hear him shouting "Bellatrix" which is why we settled on Belle.

I think she may be turning into a pampered pooch !!! Have you seen the stuff you can buy for dogs these days?

I have been so bury recently and there has been very little for me to blog about. We have spent today in the kitchen baking yummy cakes. I got to spend some time with my dear daughter and we listened to some Andrew Lloyd Webber in the background. Most of the goodies will be sent on their way with Andrew to work in the morning but we shall keep some for us.

Here is what we made, the cakes are to be made into Fairy cakes and so will need to be iced, Marshmallow Crispie cakes and Snickerdoodles (very moreish)