Sunday, 27 February 2011

Living the Good Life

What a lovely end to the week, we have had such a lovely time this week that it is a shame that it is back to the "normals" tomorrow.
My Hubby bought me a magazine today and inside was a pattern for these cushion covers, I am not sure that my knitting skills can manage these right now but I will have a go as I love them. I need cushions so watch this space.

 I have spent some time this afternoon in the kitchen felting some lovely wool from a kit I was bought some time ago, this is going to be made into purse.
 Ymmy cupcakes have been made by the children.
 Allotments have been dug over.
I am refreshed but sad that my little ones will be back to school tomorrow and I back to work.

Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment.

S x

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

A Chocolate Brownie and Fruit Smoothie kind of day !

Today has been a lovely day with my little family, treasuring the small stuff and just spending time together. There are days (and there are many) when little is done other than the basics we need to do to get through the day. We only get time once so it is our duty to spend it wisely and without regret.

We made Chocolate Chip Brownies today, perhaps not totally healthy but the joy in the childrens faces as they measured and mixed was worth it, such fun was had and I keep telling myself that as they were homemade they are not full of preservatives and other nasties and so in my mind qualify to be somewhat healthy.

To boost our vitamin intake we made fruit smoothies, they tasted a little tart to be honest due to the addition of the lemon so I had to add a little vanilla sugar to the mix to encourage my son to drink it. He drank most of it so I was a happy momma . He will avoid fruit if he can, although he is getting better at trying new fruits and is choosing another smoothie recipe for another day so this is a step in the right direction.

How I am enjoying this time with the children at home, yes there is bickering but there has been time spent together doing nice things. It gives me chance to reflect, I think about where we have been and where we are going, challenges that lie ahead and how once I close the front door and we are in the warmth of our home it does not matter how fast paced the world is outside, we choose to live our simple slow paced life together.

What are your plans for the day ? I would love to know.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Taking Control

Gosh, I cant believe that we are near the end of February already, where has the time gone ? With the best of wills, life seems to get more and more crazy and Iam sure that someone has taken afew hours out of the day as I dont believe that there are actually 24 hours in a day , maybe only 16.
Anyway, with this in mind I decided to stop procrastinating and actually get going and get things done. I have a mental list of the things that need to be done and it is getting bigger and bigger, so I hope that by taking baby steps I can work my way through the list. Well thats the plan anyway.. ha ! I am wanting to split these goals into two parts, the first is for the house organisation and the second is doing the things for me that I dont get round to doing, things that I enjoy or want to do or for health reasons.
So first on my list is out of the way,
1. Stop procrastinating (done)
Number 2 is to get the kitchen sorted, this is todays job.
I am also trying to eat more healthy and do some more exercise.
Through life been super busy I am tending to eat whilst on the move, thats if I get round to it.
There are many days when it gets to dinner time and I have not eaten or had a drink or something like that, so I need to take care of myself a little better.
I am going to go food shopping this evening and I will be putting more healthy items in the trolley. I will post about that tomorrow.
Another thing on the list for me is to try and blog more often.

Right I am off to get started on the kitchen then I need to take the dog out for a walk (this counts as exercise, right?)

By the way, the pictres above were taken last summer. The top on is when sailing around the West Coast of Scotland, then the British Superbikes at Croft and Hawes in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales.