Friday, 17 August 2007

Where would you like to live?

When I was taking the pictures from the post below I was walking along thinking about or "Country Home" and took a couple of pictures of homes that are set in the nature reserve. Of course they are not real houses in the sense that people live there, but where would you like to live?

Perhaps a log cabin is your choice!

It has a cozy interior.

Perhaps you would like a country cottage,

Or perhaps a log pilehouse is more your cup of tea.

In the city

Stricktly speaking we are city dwellers, although I do live right on the outside of the city.. I HATE city life, there is always so much hustle and bustle and everything is so anonymous. I guess this is what appeals to lots of people, you can walk down the street ar through the town and never speak to a soul. I know that one day we will move again as this was only ever a temporary stop (are you listening we WILL move) but there are some good things.

1 We live on the coast and so can always enjoy a walk along the beach.

2 As I previously said we live on e the outside of the city so there is
country side around us, you just have to go to it.

I recently took the children out for the afternoon to a local nature reserve. You can just walk around looking at the birds and other wildlife without a care in the world. You can loose yourself and beliterally ANYWHERE in the world. Just take a look at some of these pictures, would you think these were taken in the city? A city that people turn their noses up at, where people have actually asked if there is electricity and think that we are stuck in a time warp.

ENJOY !!!!

Wednesday, 15 August 2007


Today I could hear my six year old son singing from his room whilst he listened to one of his CD's, I could hear him sining:

"GOD Loves me just the way I am"
"I am happy to be me"
"My GOD watches over me"


Sunday, 12 August 2007

Holy Island

We recently had a trip to Holy Island
This is somewhere that I have wanted to visit since about the age of eight. We took the tent with us and decided to camp out for the night. The weather on the day we arrived was stunning but with the wind and rain the next day we only stayed overnight. However we were able to cross the causeway and spend afew hours looking around the priory and village. we didnt go to the castle but you can see it in the distance in the photograph.

Beautiful Beaches

Lindisfarne Castle

Lindisfarne Priory


Every year here we have an Airshow, there are many different events but of course the main one is the Air Display. Aircraft from many different countries take part. The highlite for me is "The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight". We did miss some of the display due to J refusing to get out of the car due to the noise of the aircraft. Sadly the day before the show we were on the beach and a low flying jet came across the beach and scared him silly, so now we have a little boy who was scared of the noise.

Note the people standing on top.

HMS Albion

Beach Landing