Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Anyone for a cup of Tea?

There is nothing more decadent than Afternoon Tea, what could be more tempting than a pot of tea with a warm scone with homemade jam and butter.
Artsymama has hosted a world wide Tea Party today. We decided to have tea this evening once the children had come home from school. I even baked cakes, made sandwiches and a nice pot of Tea..I have taken some nice pictures and have now managed to get them loaded for you.
I hope that you all enjoyed your Tea.

Jack Frost Returns

I thought that winter had gone as we were getting hints of spring around. I think that this was Jack Frost giving us false hope that the warmth was on it's way and so to remind us of this fact I awoke to this yesterday morning.

Now I know that compared to other bloggers out there this really is just a little sprinkle of snow but it is enough for me and I am glad that today it is melting away.

Monday, 19 March 2007

Sewing Peg Bags

Yesterday I got the sewing machine out and started on a project. One of my pet hates is leaving clothes pegs on the line as little spiders use them for a home and well lets say that I am not particularly fond of spiders.... So these are some snippets from yesterday whilst making a bag to keep the pegs in. I have had the fabric for ages, it has little Amish figures on it and looks adorable

Sunday, 18 March 2007

Happy Mothers Day

It is Mothers Day today. I was presented with gifts from both of the children, they had made them at school and Brownies. I think that the best gifts are those that the children have made.

We went to church as usual and our daughter was singing as part of the childrens choir. They dont normally join in with the service apart from on special occasions or services. Towards the end of the service all of the ladies were presented with one of these baskets of flowers. What a surprise, nice dont ya think?

Saturday 17th March

On Saturday we went to Whitby, we have both been going there since we were children. It is a lovely quaint English Fishing Town and has some beautiful coastline to go with it. Now as is the tradition in English Coastal Towns you have to go and have Fish and Chips for lunch.. YUMMY.......

There are afew shops to look in selling a wide variety of things (sadly nothing bought) and after you have walked past the shops you come to the bottom of the steps that lead up to the church and the Abbey. There are 199 steps up to the abbey, YES 199 STEPS. When I was age 5 or 8 I probably could have run up them like my two did but not at the age of 31, I think I needed a cup of tea when I got to the top. It is worth the climb as the views are just stunning. Then you have to walk back down again.!!!

We had a look down at the beach but the tide was in so there was only a little bit of sand to stand on and then we came home. It is a nice place to go to but like alot of places they have to accomodate what the opublic want and so it is becoming commercialised in many ways and this leaves behind some of its charm. Still worth a visit though, even just to go to its traditional sweetie shop..
Lots of pictures for you.

Which European City?

Well as I already live in England I suppose that this is OK. I have been to Dublin and would love to return sometime. It is so Beautiful, I will go back aometime I hope.

You Belong in Dublin

Friendly and down to earth, you want to enjoy Europe without snobbery or pretensions.
You're the perfect person to go wild on a pub crawl... or enjoy a quiet bike ride through the old part of town.

Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Dear Gran,

Dear Gran,

I remembered that today would have been your Birthday, born on March 14th 1921 Daughter to Jack and Jane and a sister for Howard.I always thought that I was a lucky girl when I was growing up as not only did I have my parents I also had my Grandmother living with me. Remember the saying "If Mother says no, ask Grandma" I think we would take advantage of this.. You came to us after the death of your husband when I was only 6 months old, so I couldnt remember a time when you were not living with me.
I was talking the other day about how you would knit, you would watch the TV and still never drop a stitch. The funniest times were when you would drift off to sleep and those needles would eventually slow down or stop, you would wake with a jump and get straight back on with the job in hand. It used to amaze me that you could do this and it still does. You taught me to knit and this is something you would be pleased with as I finally have learnt how to cast on and cast off, many many years after I learnt how to do a basic knit stitch.

Another happy memory growing upwere our trips to see Nanny, I used to love the bus ride through the country side and the time that we spent there. Whenever I smell toast or hear a clock chiming it takes me back to Nannys house, we would play card games for hours on end using match sticks instead of money (I wonder how many other Grandmothers encouraged their Grandchildren to bet?), the highlite of the day for me would be dinner time when after we had eaten the cake plate would come out and we were allowed to choose a cake. I have my own tiered cake plate now and whenever I use it I pass on the story of Nannys house, there is nothing quite like afternoon tea if you ask me. This summer I hope to take my own children back there and show them the place that I spent most of my childhood, I want to take them to the house which will have changed so much now and to the playpark, the old train station and the many other places we would visit.

My Wedding Day was one of the happiest days. I was so lucky to have you there with me as only 8 months before hand you were terribly ill in intensive care and we didnt think you would make it. You were a fighter and eventually came home with us after an amazing two weeks, I prayed hard for you during that time and my prayers were answered.

The day I told you I was pregnant was the day that the baby knitting patterns came out. You were so pleased that the baby was on its way I am sure that there was smoke coming out of those famous kneedles they were going so fast.. I am sure that if you were still with us when the baby came you would have been a very proud Great Gramdma or "Little Gran" as you were always known to the other Great Grandchildren. I know that you watch over us but I had a little girl and she was the most precious person in the world to me until her brother came along two years later. Your Great Grand daughter would be a delight to you, she loves knitting, sewing and afternoon tea. A proper Little lady. She is eight now, can you beleive how time flies?. Her brother would be a great source of amuzement to you. He is a typical boy, likes spiders and slugs and best of all he knows Mammy is scared of them. Only I could have a worm farm in my kitchen at the moment.

We live by the sea now and I was walking along the beach today thinking of you. I have so many memories more than I could ever write down or tell people as some of them I like to keep to myself just for me, they make me laugh, smile and cry.

Anyway I just wanted to say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"

All My Love,

Sarah xxx

Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Time flies

Oh my goodness, where did the last week go?... I cant quite get my head around the fact that we are now in the middle of March, it does not seem that long since we were celebrating Christmas..

Anyway, I love the spring as it gives us little promises of summer, we have buds on the apple tree and the spring bulbs are starting to show with their little flowers offering a dash of colour against thedarkness and bleakness that winter has left behind.

Well I have continued with the knitting, it has been slow progress as this is actually the third time that I have started the project, opting to pull the whole lot out as I could not find out where I had picked up that extra stitch. I seemed to pull out endless rows but it was not to be found.

As Easter is approaching I have also turned my mind as to what I will get the children. I have three nieces and nephews and last year decided not to buy the regular chocolate eggs for them and made my own gifts. I purchased a small plant pot and put inside a packet of sunflower seeds, small bag of compost and a chocolate lollypop, I them out them in a celophane packet and gave these to the children. They went down a storm, my neice phoned regularly over the summer to give me updates on her sunflower and they lasted so much longer than a chocolate egg.
I have decided upon this years gift and need to get to the craft store to pick up some supplies. I will post a picture once it is finished.

Monday, 5 March 2007

Spring is here !!!

Says it all really doesnt it ?

Thursday, 1 March 2007

Happy 8th Birthday

Yesterday was my dear daughters 8th Birthday. I cant believe that she is now eight, how time flies when you are having fun. She had a lovely day and enjoyed her presents so thank you to those of you who sent her them.. She decided that she didnt want to have a party this year and chose to have a sleepover, sooo I have four of her friends coming over on Friday for a sleepover and Andrew has decided that he will go out leaving me alone with SIX KIDS !!!!!!Me thinks i will require a large bar of Choccie to get through the evening. Anyway her birthday pictures were not that good but hear is one you will enjoy.. Its BATMAN of course.. Also known as our dear son.