Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Its how I am feeling with this little lot right now, THRILLED... For ages I have wanted to be able to crochet, but due to a lack of time I have been unable to commit to giving it a fair try. I managed a granny square which you can see on one of the previous posts but there was something not quite right. Thank you for your comments and suggestions, yes I was adding some etra stitches in so it was looking a little strange. Anyhow, I think that I have got it right now, have a look at this.................

I have been practising and here is my granny square...
Its not perhaps the best colour but when I went out for wool I only wanted something to practise with so bought this. The wool wont get used for so I have decided to keep on going until I use up all of the wool. We always have a need for blankets in the car so I plan on it been kept in there. I am pleased with it though...
And I have also got the sewing machine out again.
I started this quilt ages ago, you can see here but it never got finished. I have felt really motivated with doing some crafts recently so I got it out to finish. I have all of the squares sewn into strips and I am about half was sewing the strips together. Some of the squares are not quite lined up accurately but I think it is looking so pretty that it wont matter and besides, I have seen worse sewing in some of the so called designer shops for a pricely sum. I also doubt that my daughter will care as she snuggles up in it. I had it in my mind to give the quilt a name as I quite liked the idea, however when I am seeing it sewn together I am not sure if the name I wanted will be right .. I will have to see when it is all done..
What craft projects do you have on the go ?
GOD Bless,
S x

Monday, 10 January 2011

Looking Ahead.

I am looking forward to the year ahead. There seems to be so much I want to pack into twelve tiny little months that I am not sure it is possible. This time of year is usually, for most, a time of new promises and fortunes. A time when we are sure we can do it all differently, they are sure that this year is the year. I don't normally like resolutions, particularly as I only keep to them for a few weeks before they become a distant memory and best forgotten.

However this year, I want to focus more on my little family in our little house. I am too aware that the children are no longer babes in arms, they are growing up faster than I ever could have imagined possible. They are entering a phase in life that is so enjoyable, my daughter appears to be joined at my hip. I didn't expect this at eleven, but she seems to want to be with me and join in with the things that I am doing. My son is the funniest little man, he entertains us with his dancing and jokes.
I want to remember these times and soak them all up before they are getting us to drop them off round the corner from where they are meeting friends for fear of embarrassment. I am sure that this time will come all to soon.

It seems the thing in the blog world to choose a word for the year, I find it hard to settle on just one. Maybe it should be FAMILY or CELEBRATE.... What do you think ?
Do you have a word for the year?

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Crochet !

Last year, probably around June I bought myself a crochet magazine complete with wool and was determined to crochet. My Mum showed me how to make a Granny Square, I tried but rather quickly gave it up as a bad job and never really thought about it again (apart from my Mum asking me if I had had another go and been completely envious of both her and Melanie and their crochet talent). Anyway, I cant claim it is my work but here is a picture of the Granny Square Mum made for me.

Today having looked at more of Melanies work I thought I would dust of the crochet hooks and have another go. Here is my version of a Granny Square (looks a little odd if you ask me but I think it is on the right lines).
Here they are both together (I dont know why blogger has rotated my pictures)

Ok so here are my questions for those of you who crochet.
  1. Is the tension on my square too tight ? It doesnt look as neat and fluffy (technical terms here) as the other.
  2. As the wool was free with a magazine I am sure it would be really cheap wool, would it be better to get a better quality wool ? (although I am sure that my Mum used wool from the same pack so would it be down to tension and lack of experience?)
  3. How do I know what hook to use ? Again as this was free wool I dont really know what type it is and have not been knitting long enough to be able to tell the type from 100 yds.

If you are still there and havent fallen off to sleep with the lack of excitement please pop over to Melanie and see what she made herself for christmas, tell her to keep posting (more often,ahem) and you never know I may be inspired to make another granny square within the next 6 months, you never know.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year !

I hope that your Christmas was magical and full of joy.
This is what we have spent most of the day doing today. We are soaking up every last drop of Christmassy fun that we can. I have enjoyed spending time with the children doing whatever it is they are doing and playing this game under the light of candles and the tree was just perfect.

GOD Bless.