Sunday, 12 August 2007

Holy Island

We recently had a trip to Holy Island
This is somewhere that I have wanted to visit since about the age of eight. We took the tent with us and decided to camp out for the night. The weather on the day we arrived was stunning but with the wind and rain the next day we only stayed overnight. However we were able to cross the causeway and spend afew hours looking around the priory and village. we didnt go to the castle but you can see it in the distance in the photograph.

Beautiful Beaches

Lindisfarne Castle

Lindisfarne Priory

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Anonymous said...

How funny! I read too fast and thought you said you went to the "Holy Land." I was going to ask you why you hadn't told me of your trip to Israel. LOL!

Those are beautiful pictures. I'm going to read more from the link that you posted.