Saturday, 15 September 2007

362 Diddly Doo

Today we got into the car and decided to go for a bike ride in a local forest. After taking a wrong turn we ended up near to the village where we lived when I was a child. So we carried on and I was Home , the above picture shows you the County Pub that my parents ran when I was a child. It is in the middle of nowhere, no neighbours just mother nature for company. I have not stepped inside since the day we left and it felt kind of strange going back inside again. I dont think that it has changed since the day we moved, it is still quite dark inside and there was a roaring fire to sit beside. The pool table still sits in the games room and it all just seemed the same.
I was able to share stories with the children like, the Duck races I used to have when the pub flooded due to the melting snow (it is built into the hill), playing music on the Juke Box, and how I would rush to the phone and answer "362 Diddly Doo" instead of any of the other ways one should answer the phone in a business. 362 was our telephone number then, they are of course much longer now.

Here are the children having a walk by the river near to the village.

The water falls.



HomemakerAng said...

THE RIVER, THE PUB, GORGEOUS! Where in the world is this? it looks European or if in the USA, eastern...

Sarahs Home said...

Hi Homakerang,

We live in England, in the North East. It is quite a dramatic area but the battery on my camera was running out so I couldnt take many pictures. I guess I will have to go back though.

Sarah x

Anonymous said...

That pub looks like my dream house, haha. Kailina just asked me if it's for sale.