Saturday, 27 September 2008


At last the sun has started to shine, it is so warm here today. I wont complain and will drink in every last drop of sunshine we get until the weather changes back and we are yet again in Autumn and then winter.

The week has dragged as Andrew has been away, we went to the airport to collect hime on Friday only to see Ant and Dec come off his airoplane. The excitement of collecting Daddy was soon replaced with excitement of the Ant and Dec kind (fickle children !!!).
Having a week on my own (with children of course) has given me time to do afew jobs around the house that have beenneeding to be done and also given me much time to reflect. With the change of the seasons come changes, so what better time to make afew changes to your lives or homes for the better.

I have afew up my sleeves and nothing too big but just a gentle reminder to spend more quality tie with the children and now that the dark nights are here what better excuse to get back into the habit of family movie nights or games nights.

I have also had the chance to sort through some craft things and get out the things we need to make this years christmas cards. I have some in mind for friends and then others that will be sent to close friends and family.
Thank you all for your sweet comments, I really do treasure them all. I will try and reply to you all soon.


Jane said...

Your room looks lovely, sorry i missed a couple of posts. It is easier to get back into the crafting now the darker nights are here. Jane x

Barbara said...

Hi Sarah - I have that lovely card box too! Love your autumn display. The candle is so pretty.
After a week of beautiful autumnal weather up here it's rainy, windy and cold today. Dark early too so I'll be pulling out some candles and family games as well.

periwinkle said...

we've had a nice few days haven't we, I'm thinking about getting the candles out too.
Lisa x

Priscilla said...

Hi, I do like your candle display! Autumn seems to bring about reflection and must be the dark days and cold nights,the best time to craft... Have a great weekend

Priscilla x