Tuesday, 3 February 2009


I won a giveaway recently from Debbie, here are my treasures as I took them out of the box.

Beautifully wrapped

Here are some of the treasures I received I i thought I had taken a photograph of the rest but cant find it). Thank you Debbie, I love them all. You are very kind.
Life seems to have been fast paced here over the last couple of weeks. The days fly by into weeks and here we are already in the second month of the year. Work seems to take up most of my time and energy recently, it is difficult getting a happy medium I think. I love my job and want to work but Oh life would be SO much easier if I where at home during the day. I could get all of those jobs done during the day that I am either running around doing late at night or they just dont get done. I was a very lucky Mamma to be able to be at home until both of the children went to school, I went back to work part time and within a year I am near enough full time. I know this fella below would prefer me to be at home,

Here he is fixing his beloved at the weekend, she is all dolled up ready for the roads with new shiney parts to show off with. However whilst I praise his efforts and am certainly NOT a feminist in any way ( Ilike to play at houses if you know what I mean) , I would like to point out that it was ME, a woman who went out and fixed it. Yeah you heard right it was me. All it took was a hammer and sheer Girl Power to get this beauty ready. Hahahah !!! OK OK so I was wearing gloves to protect my girly soft skin from the nasty dirt and grease..
Here is my poor Princess, she had gone out for a walk in the snow and came back with blood pouring from her little paw. Poor thing must have stood on some glass and was cut to shreds. Thankfully she is OK but I just cant understand why people throw glass bottles around.

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Debbies-English-Treasures said...

Hi Sarah,
I`m glad that you like your Treasures, as much as I enjoyed giving them to YOU!
Debbie Moss