Saturday, 7 March 2009


Oh what a couple of weeks I have had. I have been so busy with work and home that these few weeks have flown by in a flash. I have been thinking about the future of this blog and have at times felt that I dont have the time to commit to keep it running and then there are days when I see my life in blogs "Oh I could blog that" or "That would be a good picture for the blog" and all that. There doesnt seem to be much happening here that is worth the time spent on the computer blogging it.

I have decided that I will keep blogging but will only probably post once a week. There I have said it !!!!!!!
This means that I can spend mre time with my family doing all of the wonderful things that I would like to tell you about on here. So no I have not fallen off the face of the earth.. I am still here and will be reading all of your wonderful blogs as much as I can.


April said...

blogging is different things to different people and you should do what works for you, I really enjoy reading your blog. There is a button on my blog called "blooging without obligation" if you click on it, it should take you their site which says exactly that and you could add this button yourself.

April xx

Levin (and Emily) said...

I've had many periods in my blogging life when it seem a hassle - and it took too much time. lately i've come back to it a bit and the funny thing is, even if you don't post regularly, everyone is still waiting to pick up the threads of friendship. so don't stress - you are on my blogroll so as soon as you update, i will know. spend time with the family and blog about the good times!

thesnailgarden said...

Hi Sarah, I know exactly what you mean and I try to restrict myself on-line in order to complete tasks at home, but I love catching-up with people on-line so the housework often gets ignored! :) I have e-mailed you with my swap address, please let me know if you received it as I'm not sure that outlook express worked properly. My e-mail is on my profile. Best wishes, Pj x

Jane said...

I agree, post whenever its right for you. Its usually once a week for me but then sometimes its longer and in the holidays it can be shorter. Jane x

Greentwinsmummy said...

You said a while ago you were trying to slow down & focus more on life & the smalls so I think being on the computer less is a logical step to have happened x
Dont apologise for not blogging,some blogs are scattered with apologies of oh dear I have nothing to blog about or oh dear nothing very interesting has happened,argg thats just daft!& makes me wonder why those folks blog?
Blog for yourself first & foremost x for me my blog is a record of our journey through this lovely life,if others like to read it then thats a bonus but I dont believe a blog is there to be *serviced* so to speak.
Hope that makes sense lol! & enjoy your days sweetpea