Saturday, 13 June 2009

I dont do mornings.

Urgh at 6.30 this mornng I heard the pitter patter of tiny feet coming through the bedroom door.... WHY is it I cant get this little man out of bed during the week when we have to go to school/work ? But as soon as the weekend comes he is up at the crack of dawn. Mamma is tired and doesnt want to get up so early so she sends him back to bed and peace continues in the house for all of 20 seconds. Can you imagine how LOUD a toy aircraft carrier can be at 6.30 in the morning ( you need to imagine the noise of planes landing and taking off and those noises that ships make, honestly why do they make toys so bloomin loud) so cue : cranky Mummy, Daddy goes off to work and we get out of bed....

I have to stay in all day today waiting for some mail that will be delivered between 9.00 and 5.00 , the sun is shining but stay in we must. I cant go out to the garden as I cant hear the door and I NEED this package today. I dont think that the house has recovered since the children came last week for my sons birthday so there is plenty to be done but I just dont want to do it. Ha.

We are looking at changing things around here a little.
We moved here 6 years ago and at the time I thought that this house was huge compared to our last home but the walls are fit to burst with stuff and it feels oh so small now. They say that the bigger the house the more stuff you fill it with, boy this is so true. In our last kitchen I had a set of drawers, cooker and one double floor unit on one side with the fridge, above this was one double wall unit. On the other side I had the washing machine and a double floor unit with the sink in it. The kitchen was tiny tiny and you could only fit one person inside, if you opened one of the cupboards the door nearly touched the cupboard opposite. Now my kitchen is huge in comparison with lots and lots of storage but the cupboards are fit to burst, I try to sort them out but find that the stuff inside is stuff I want to keep.
The childrens rooms are another story, they are jam packed with stuff and it was only afew weeks ago that I had a huge clear out and took a boot full (volvo estate, so you can imagine how much ) of stuff to the charity shop and yet I feel that there is still so much. I also know that if I were to risk life and limb and climb into the loft that there are piles and piles of stuff up there too.
I am off to get some work done and kick the kids off the TV.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Sarah x


smilernpb said...

Tell me about it! Our house is pretty much the many toys, everywhere. It is getting to the point where we DREAD christmas and birthdays for all the little things that they bring.

I HATE giving anything to charity, although I always seem to be having a clear out and donating stuff to the local Red Cross shop - the reason I hate to donate is that I know that someone (usually me) has spent hard earned cash on something for the kids they they usually don't want, or certainly don't need!

I think perhaps the secret might be a really good storage system....but the shape of our rooms means I can't for the life of me work out how to do this! I need a TV makeover!

Have a great weekend x

lisa ridgeon said...

I know what you mean. We moved from a 2 bedroom to a 4 bedroom house 11 years ago. We couldn't believe how much room we had. We actually could swing a cat.....though luckilly we didn't have one to swing!!

Greentwinsmummy said...

ahhh I know this so well lol! its waaaay before 6.30 here tho...
I actually prefer winters where for some reason I wake earlier around 5am & I come down here on my own,that precious time with just me & the woodburning flickering is SO good for me,gets me off to a great start to the day. In the summer I am up & about alot later & therefore sleep a bit later so what happens is the smalls wake & come up to attic & crawl into bed with us,sometimes...they doze off,thats lovely,even if only get another15mins lol! but normally they wriggle & giggle & sleep is shoved aside for another day.

I once saw a twin mum wearing a tee shirt sayng Sleep Is For The Weak lol lol that made me laff so much.

Now! lol! those cupboards dearie,I bet you dont actually need half of whats in there,we never do,we have just become conditioned to think we cannot exist without x,y,z.
Use the 2 year rule,if you havent used it within 2 years,pass it on to someone else.

I used to have a whole cupboard filled with glasses,now I have 6 tumblers6 wine glasses,2 pint glasses,6 tall water glasses & one odd brandy balloon lol! I can honestly say I dont even miss the ones I got rid of,if we even have a party then our pals wont mnd if their wine comes in a tumbler if all the wine ones are used up.

Moving here was very cathartic for me,I had to let so much go,its so tiny here,theres a principle I work on,if something comes in the house then something goes out,if I buy a new mug then one goes out,if I buy a new shirt etc etc,same thing,one item goes out for one coming in. That stops it all building up.

The problem with storage is things get packed away & never used,some storage is great & can keep things looking tidier,baskets are brilliant for that I find.But huge shelves,cupboards etc end up jammed to the gills just with a door shut on them.

We dont need all this stuff people is my war cry lol!!!!
GTM x x x x

Re said...

I know just what you mean!

periwinkle said...

It was 5.30 for me this morning - ouch. Yep we need a big clear out too and Ia so agree with the bigger the house the more stuff you fill it with !!

Sarah said...

Hello from one Sarah to another! Popped over from Lisa's blog. It seems that whatever size house you have the more you fill it with - especially with children. Although as they get older, the toys get less, but then they need more space for clothes!

MelMel said...

Thank you for popping by, life is hard at the moment, I'm blessed with a wonderful husband who is very caring, I'm so glad of him...x

Barbara said...

We have the same problem here in that we moved from a tiny house to a big house and very quickly filled it with stuff! Better storage and frequent trips to the charity shop have helped a bit. It's a constant battle! Greentwinsmummy seems to have the right idea. I'm liking the one in one out rule! Bx