Friday, 7 August 2009


Oooo would you just take a look at the colours of these fabric swatches I got from here , you can send for five free swatches if you follow the link.

How can they fail to bring some sunshine into a dull day, I have no idea what to do with them yet but I love them. Perhaps I can put them to some use in the bathroom when we get it decorated. I have lived here for six years and hate hate hate the bathroom but these little stripes of candy may just add a little something to the smallest room in the house.

Talking of colour I took this picture of the sky when we were at the beach the other day. I like the colour of the sky, it is so nice to look up and see the beautiful blue perhaps with the odd fluff of cotton wool floating on by. Lets hope that the sunshine is here to stay.

No trip to the beach would be complete without the obligatory bucket and spade hastily cast aside for the finer things in life.... ice cream.. Again I am loving the green of the grass . My son asked me why I was taking a picture of an ice cream, only a blogger would understand.
Talking of children here is a snippet of a conversation I heard between my two the other day,
Daughter " Mam you used to go Horse Riding didnt you? Do you still have your riding gear?"
Me "Yes it is in the attic"
Daughter " Will Dad get it out?, I could use it."
Son "It will be no use for you"
Daughter "Why?"
Son " They used different riding gear in the Victorian times"
What the ???? At only 34 I am sure I was not around during the Victorian times, perhaps my Great Grandparents were but not me, IAM YOUNG !!!!!!!!


periwinkle said...

Lol, love the victorian comment... we've been down the beach a few times too... collecting sea glass at SEaham and watching the Kittiwakes at Marsden.. both with ice creams :-)

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

So funny about the Victorian riding gear!

We've been enjoying the beach lately too! I'm surprised you, me and Lisa haven't bumped into each other!

Lucy x

Leigh said...

Victorian Times! Too funny! I do love the colors in your pics, I am glad you are still able to get about and see at your age, haha! 34 you are still young!

arwen_tiw said...

Hahaha, brilliant! Apparently I am really old too...

Beautiful blog by the way, love your photographs. :)