Friday, 15 January 2010

It doesnt have to be perfect.

I am my own worst critic, honestly I can quite easily pull myself to shreds in a matter of minutes. I am the first person to urge people to try things and tell them all of these wonderful things about themselves but when it comes to me I am not quite so positive.
Is this good for the soul? I doubt it and I am sure it is not good for others to watch you beat yourself up over something quite ridiculous.

Sooooo following on with my Blessings theme I think it is time that I took some time out to be me. Who is me? Well if you ask my Husband I am a cross between Barbara and Margo from The Good Life and Alice from The Vicar of Dibley. My personality changes between the three depending on how Hippy/Green/Eco I am been, how Snobby (me a snob???? NEVER) or been just plain stupid and ridiculous, it can change apparently at any given moment and does quite frequently. Well just for the record he is a cross between Victor Meldrew and Gregory House, misserable, bitter and twisted to the core and you know what I like him just the way he is (ha ha ha).
Anyway in an effort to stop punishing myself for all the millions of things I do I am going to try and be a little kinder to me. I am going to take some time to do the things I want to do and be the person I am Barbara/Margo/Alice....I guess you can bee all three, you dont just have to choose one and stick with it.. We can have different personalities and quirks and still be a good person. I read a quote on another blog recently and it has really stuck with me.

Practise Been The Person You Want To Be.
Think about it, who do you want to be?


Barbara said...

It's a lovely idea to be kind to yourself and to like all of your personality traits and character quirks. We all have them that's for sure. Some nice, some not so but hey, we're doing the best we can. Blessings is a good word to focus on for the year. I hope 2010 is good to you.Bx

lisa ridgeon said...

Well, Barbara/Margo/Alice you have all the traits i look for in a friend, you sound fab. I know what you mean though. I'm quite happy with myself as i do my thing quietly by muself at home each day. I think i'm a good, kind and generous person. The trouble is, as soon as i leave the comfort of home i assume others won't like me. I'll need to work on that. Thanks to you i will.


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Oh Sarah! I'm loving the idea of you being Barbara, Margo and Alice! You are so right though to realise that you need to accept yourself for who you are and just be kind to yourself. You are great. Just keep repeating that!

Lucy xxx

CeeBee Designs said...

I LOVE your blog I have read quite a bit of it and it is so inspriational I love your way of thinking. I couldnt see a bit to click for following this blog though is this disabled or did i just not see it?
Thanks again so glad I came across this!

Nikkie @

Jane said...

Yes Im happy to be me but its taken many years to suceed and even now sometimes the insecurities can creep back in. In reply to your query I'd be happy to help with cross stitch advice my email is: craftyconundrum(at)tiscali(dot)co(dot)uk. Jane x

Country Prims said...

Hi Sarah, lovely to meet you and thanks for visiting and the lovely comment you left! Yes, blessings-we have so many and guess what; being and accepting who we are is one of the greatest (a steep learning curve sometimes). Have really enjoyed what i have read of your blog but will have to come back soon as my wounds won't let me laugh anymore!!

Have a great week, Shazy x

我一直亂想怎辦 said...
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melanie said...

Hiya Sarah. Hope your keeping well.
Just to let you know I've added your blog onto my new blog. :) xxxx

myletterstoemily said...

you are funny . . . and maybe a
teeny, tiny bit schizophrenic. :)

i am just a plain jane person
with as many personalities as

melanie said...

Hiya sarah, I have not heard from you in a while, hope everything is ok. Would you like to join the fullwell W.I with me, it is only on once a month, they also have a knit and natter group once a month that I was thinking of joining. Just let me know. :) xxxx