Monday, 10 January 2011

Looking Ahead.

I am looking forward to the year ahead. There seems to be so much I want to pack into twelve tiny little months that I am not sure it is possible. This time of year is usually, for most, a time of new promises and fortunes. A time when we are sure we can do it all differently, they are sure that this year is the year. I don't normally like resolutions, particularly as I only keep to them for a few weeks before they become a distant memory and best forgotten.

However this year, I want to focus more on my little family in our little house. I am too aware that the children are no longer babes in arms, they are growing up faster than I ever could have imagined possible. They are entering a phase in life that is so enjoyable, my daughter appears to be joined at my hip. I didn't expect this at eleven, but she seems to want to be with me and join in with the things that I am doing. My son is the funniest little man, he entertains us with his dancing and jokes.
I want to remember these times and soak them all up before they are getting us to drop them off round the corner from where they are meeting friends for fear of embarrassment. I am sure that this time will come all to soon.

It seems the thing in the blog world to choose a word for the year, I find it hard to settle on just one. Maybe it should be FAMILY or CELEBRATE.... What do you think ?
Do you have a word for the year?


periwinkle said...

I think the word would have to be " family " at least for me anyway . Oh and well done on the crochet - keep it up .

melanie said...

I hope your year ahead is packed full of lovliness :)
My words for the year is family and love :) xxx

Sarahs House said...

Thanks for your words, I like them both. It is hard to choose isnt it ?