Monday, 18 February 2013

Hi There !

Hi, I am trying to start afresh with this blog. I thought about not blogging at all or maybe starting a new one but for now Im just going to see how it goes. I know its been a while but rather than try and catch up I thought I'd just start from here.
 Like many people we have been enjoying much snow. Its lovely and beautiful but I am kind of hoping that we have seen the last of it for now, although looking at the forecast for the week ahead more may be on its way. I took this picture whilst out walking the dog, its only about a ten or fifteen minute walk from the house but the snow was so deep it took forever to actually get anywhere. I had to walk across the field to the right and the snow was so deep it was above my welly tops.
 Craft wise I have been making these little beauties, courtesy of a pattern from here . Pop over and have a look at this lovely blog. Please excuse the bad photograph, how difficult is it to take a picture of your own arm ? Good Grief! They are currently been packed up and winging their way as a gift.
I decided at the weekend that rather than pop out and buy more craft things that will never get used I would work my way through the countless kits and patterns and make something out of what I have already bought. It was hard today I can tell you, walking past the wool shop and seeing all of the lovely colours ! Im currently working on a cross stitch that I bought a couple of years ago. I havent done any cross stitching for ages, I'll post a picture later.
Anyway, if your still out there reading this then thank you for reading and I hope that I will have another post up in the next couple of days.
GOD Bless

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Locket Pocket said...

It's lovely to see you Sarah! You are being very good sticking to projects that you already have supplies for. I did that - a bit - today when I resisted buying more sock wool because I wasn't loving my current sock knitting. I'm telling myself that if I want to do something different then I have plenty of solitary socks that need a partner! Lucy xx