Friday, 2 May 2014

As the weather warms

We are super busy planting up the garden right now.  I cant remember everything we have growing in the poly tunnel right now but there are tomatoes, chillies, peas and other things.  We both find it quite exciting to see how things are growing and changing day by day. Hopefully everything will continue to grow and we will be eating tomatoes (blech) and chillies (yummy) over the summer.

I live in a city and whilst it has a strong mining history that the locals are proud of but  I feel that it lacks anything new these days. So I'm on a quest to either find some local events that are actually interesting or make my own. A random comment I know but when you look at other blogs there seems to be lots of interesting things happening, like May Day Festivals and other such stuff. Im kind of thinking that "Up north" people are not really interested in these things and just dont get me started on my way of living, Im constantly met with raised eye brows when people find out we grow some food in our garden, I knit, we brew, bake bread and so on.  Its quite funny really ! I feel like a square peg in a round hole, but thats ok.

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