Sunday, 3 August 2014

Garden Breakfast

As I write I'm sat in my favourite garden spot at breakfast time, this is where the early morning sun warms the dealing outside the back door. It is here that you can contemplate the world as the sun slowly warms you up ready for the day. It makes a change from yesterdays thunderstorms and general darkness, however I'm sure that the garden enjoyed the drink.
 The greenhouse is full of life, with the heavenly scent of the sweet peas close by. I must remember to take some indoors.
 There beautiful scent and colours are a welcome addition to our home, even the teen" ogres" approve of them.
 As I said not many tomatoes this year, however this is out accidental tomato plant. We had never planted it, it just appeared in a pot with something else and its been the best plant we have had this year.
 If you look closely here you might just be able to spot the chilli hanging there. Hubby and son are chilli lovers. My daughter is not so keen and I put that down to the pregnancy craving I had for curry all those years ago.
 Moving on to one of the beds, the Begonias, violas and sweetcorn you can just see in the back are coming along nicely.
 why this picture has decided to load this way I can not tell you, my excuse ? I'm using my tablet and I haven't got used to it just yet 😁
Yummy apples are plenty on the apple tree.
And another lovely spot as you walk past on your way back to breakfast. I hope that the sun is shining wherever you are and that you have a glorious weekend. I'm off now to "supervise" some decorating.

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