Thursday, 22 January 2015

Recent Makes

Hi, I just thought I'd pop by and show you some recent makes, these were actually Christmas presents for loved ones.
It was so hard to part with the above cushion, the colours strangely match the colours of my home perfectly. They also match Mama and Dads so it was wrapped up and taken for my Dad's Christmas present. The above is the front,
And the above here is the back.
Little Owlie here was knitted up for our Daughter, apparently been a teenager is no excuse not to cover your bed in cuddly toys.
Foxy loxy scarf was another knit for her, its a short scarf but perfect for keeping you warm.
Apart from a couple of crochet dishcloths that's about everything in the home made category.
I hope that your keeping warm in this cold weather, thanks for reading x.


melanie said...

I love everything, I bet everyone were delighted with their gifts :) xxx

Little House By The Sea said...

Thank you, yes I think everyone liked them. Xxx