Wednesday, 12 November 2008

A day out.

This has to be my most favourite place to visit, I love it. I drag my children around showing them things, showing them how life used to be. They even love to go now. You literally step back in time.

I want a kitchen like this, I want to sit by the fire and cook bread and cakes and drink tea. This lady actually had bread baking in oven. Smells wonderful.
Need to take a trip to the grocery store?
Did I ever tell you that I am obsessed with the smell of Coal Tar Soap and Carbolic Soap? I should have included that in my earlier tag. I cant pass Coal Tar sopa in the shop without picking it up and smelling it. I have it in the kitchen and just love the smell of it by the sink. I used to hate it as a child when we had it at home.

Fancy some fabric to make a dress?

Just look at the fabric.

Wouldnt you just love to shop here. It reminds me of my home town in a way. I thik that it is the canopy on the left that looks like the indoor market place.

My daughter took this picture to give to Daddy so that she can show him how she would like to have her bedroom decorated.
I told you they were as obsessed as me, what other nine year old wants to have her bedroom modelled on a room of the 1900's?


Daisie said...

You'd love my husband, he always smells of coal tar soap! I found it quite strange when we first got together as it was a smell I associated with my Grandad!!

Pixiedust said...

What a fab place to visit. I love that bedroom. Your daughter has good taste. xxx

bikerted said...

But where is it?????

periwinkle said...

Sounds and looks like a favourite place of mine too :-)
lisa x

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

I love it there too!

MelMel said...

My bedroom looks just like this!LOL..i love to rest there at the end of a long day...x