Thursday, 13 November 2008

TV free

Thanks you for your kind comments and emails about my previous post about change. There is nothing wrong (thankfully) but I have felt the need for change for some time but didnt know what or how to do it, I just needed time to figure out what it was.

There is nothing huge planned, we are still living in the same house and will still go to the same jobs but it is just all the rest that has been looked at.

One of the things that has been a bug bear of mine is the TV. I HATE Tv, it is full of absolute junk and either old hasbeens or wannabe celebs. I think you can guess I dont watch alot of TV..
Anyway, this week I set the family a challenge of NO TV for a WEEK !!!!!
We started on Monday and I can honestly say that it has not even been switched on since. Nobody has even asked or commented that they miss the idiot box. We have done other things and I a so glad of it, the house seems a whole lot calmer without the constant noise. When we decided on this week we didnt realise that it was Children in Need on Friday, so the children are been allowed to watch an hour of it on Friday and that is it.

I will let you know how we get on with this. Another thing that is been looked at is Christmas, I think that it will be in another post though.


Guzzisue said...

we have been TV free since 1988 although now we have computers we can watch the odd DVD. So we will be interested to see how you so with this one :-)

periwinkle said...

To be honest I couldn't give up the TV , we don't watch it a lot but I do like some programmes, Good luck.
Lisa x

bikerted said...

Who needs a tv these days? As Guzzisue said we don't have one at all, but if there is something we really want to watch on the beeb then we just use the iplayer. Out of interest all we are following is Merlin.

ps thanks for the info on Beamish. We knew it was up north but could only think of Bowes with the silver swan.

Karen said...

I am thinking similar thoughts and want to do TV free a few days a week to ease into it.