Thursday, 8 January 2009

I need your help.

It is my daughters birthday at the end of February and she will be ten. The problem I have is what do you buy a ten year old girl wh has everything she wants? Now before you think she is spoilt (in having what she wants), she never asks for anything. I have just asked her what she would like for her birthday and apart from the usual reply of a horse (whatever!!!) she would like a surprise. I also asked her what she would like to do for her birthday, er yeah she also wants a surprise..
She would get a surprise if we did nothing and bought her nothing.. SURPRISE !!! How cruel..hehehe
So if anyone has any ideas or advice as to what I can get her and a special way we can celebrate her birthday I would be very grateful ( so will she as she may get nothing if it is left to me !!)


April said...

I have the same problem Sarah, C will be 9 next saturday and she really doesn't know what she wants and I am all out of ideas! Is your daughter a "girly girl"? maybe you could do little makeovers? bit of sparkly nail polish and hair braiding perhaps? Sometimes they just like something a little bit different! As for gifts, how about a book and themed things that go with it? Hope that helps!

April xx

Jane said...

Em's birthday is at the end of January too and at the moment the only ideas is a couple of DVDs. Jane x

Levin (and Emily) said...

is she into or could she get into crafting? there is always scrap book paper, stamps etc... or fabric and books on making toys. we got em a cheap digital camera for christmas and some scrap book paper so she can start that. i find it hard too - emily reads so i can always get her books etc....
one party we had which was sucessful was a 'Cluedo' party - everyone dressed as a character and then they played the game, ate pizza and had cake and had a fabulous time.

Barbara said...

How about a little sewing box of her own with some fat quarters, felt and necessary notions, maybe a little pattern or cross stitch too. I re-covered a very cheap sewing box from the charity shop for my girl for Christmas and she loves it. John Lewis have a fabulous little red sewing machine for under £50 (not sure of your budget here!). You could then do a craft at home - felt brooches for example - with some friends for the party.

Last year, for E's 11th we went to the hairdressers with 3 of her pals and they got their hair done and a little bit of make up too. Great fun for the curly to go straight and the straight to get curls for the afternoon. We had a couple of smashing updos too!

Have fun deciding and Happy New Year. Bx

Vanessa said...

I was thinking a nice sewing box, or knitting set!

Or if she is a techno girl, what about a camera or Ipod shuffle from Apple with her name engraved on the back of it.

Sorry I am stuck for anymore ideas.

Vanessa x

lisa ridgeon said...

I have sons so girls are a mystery to me but the camera idea is a good one. I bought my son a digital camera a few years ago and it turns out he has a great eye for photography.

Good luck

Greentwinsmummy said...

I have got my neice who will be 10 soon,a cd of the BBC reading of A Secret Garden,she has a dvd player & I think she will like listening to this :o)

what about asking her to plan her ideal day,maybe a place to go or just staying in doing exactly what she wants? Having some of her pals over for a fairy cake cooking afternoon,with lots of sprinkles & pretty cases to decorate them wiht?

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Birthdays can be so tricky! I always end up buying Dot lots and lots of books - it's what she always asks for anyway! And crafty sets that I have put together always go down well too! Good luck, Lucy x

Lavender hearts said...

Is she interested in crafting/sewing etc? Maybe a sewing machine. I wish I had learnt to use one at that age!

periwinkle said...

I'm not very good with girls I'm afraid , my parents got me a little sewing machine off Bidup TV for £20 for christmas, books are good too or even a little jewellery making kit or if she likes helping in your garden you could get some seeds and things ?
Lisa x

bekimarie said...

Tricky one! My daughter is also 10 and I find it gets harder every year (boys are so much easier).
I got Jess a sewing machine for christmas which she was thrilled with and I find you can't go wrong with arty crafty bits.
As for doing something, a sleepover always goes down a treat.
I hope this helps a bit.
Take care
Beki xxx