Tuesday, 13 January 2009

"We dont say Can't

We say can't do it yet"
You see this is the kind of thing I hear myself saying to children on a daily basis. I tell them that there is nothing they can't achieve if they really want it. I firmly believe that if they believe in themselves then it gives them a wonderful confidence.
Now WHY on earth do I not take my own advice? It is so easy to have a pity party and think "Oh I can't do that " or "Its ok for them, look at what they can do" " I dont have the time" blah blah blah !!
I have been on self destruct recently and enjoying my own pity party, it is not pretty.
So I have got the sewing machine out, dug out the knitting I started nearly a year ago and shamefully only needs sewing up, have ventured into the deliciousness that is my crafty cupboard and dusted it all down. I cant wait to get started now.
P.S Thank you for all of your comments on my previous post. I have been given some wonderful ideas and will let you know what we decide on.

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Jane said...

A little crafting is always good for the soul. happy sewing and knitting. Jane x