Wednesday, 4 November 2009

A Day in the Life

6:30 wake from sleep, shower and get ready for work.

7:00 Get children up, make sure they wash with water (apparently it burns !!!!) and brush teeth make sure they are dressed.

7:50 Run around looking for swimming costume you forgot needs to go to school today.

7:55 Dash out of the door to drop children at school for eight, only to realise you have practically
ZERO petrol.

8:00 Kids dropped off, dash to petrol station.

8:30 Run through the doors at work in the nick of time. Lots of worky stuff during which
time you manage to shovel something into your stomach that resembles lunch.

2:50 You leave work (late, running)

3:00 Collect child 2 from school and run back to the car at great speed.

3:10 Arrive at swiming pool to colect child 1, dash to supermarket as you intend to eat at some
point, call home to collect another swimming kit and deposit child 1 back at swimming pool
for yet another lesson.

4:10 Get back home and start to prepare dinner

4:45 leave house to go and collect child 1

5:10 Arrive back home, finish dinner, try to eat it whilst burning your mouth as it is too hot, getting indigestion for eating too quick.

6:00 Desposit child 2 at club.

6:15 Arrive back home and take dog for walk.

7:15 Collect child 2 (******************)

7:30 Arrive back home to get two tired children bathed and into bed.

8:00 Clean up kitchen, sort washing, answer phone .....................................................

9:00 Collapse into chair and wait for hubby to return home from work.

So to the person who complained at me today for something I had not had time to do but was not all that important.......

WHATEVER !!!!!!!!!
Am I really Bovvered???

I am tired and this is just one day, I could tell you about the rest but you would fall asleep.


Jane said...

Sounds like us. only less afterschool stuff! Good to see you back. Jane x

smilernpb said...

Busy days then, eh? Hugs x