Saturday, 18 June 2011

Change Your Life

Have you ever wanted to change your life ? I mean I know if we had unlimited amounts of money or no commitments we could just do what we wanted, live our dreams so to speak. But what if your dreams mean living in this when  infact you are living in a 1950's style box of a house, your out at work all day, running to kids clubs at night, driving a gas guzzling car and generally too exhausted at the weekends to do anything.
For some time now I have thought about the changes I would like to make in order to live a more simple life where we have the time and energy to stop and smell the roses. I thought about it but didnt really put much effort into anything else, perhaps it was because I was too tired by the end of the week and it seemed the "simple" option just to do the same things we usually do.

There are some things that have to stay the same, sadly there is nothing that I can do about these things for now.  But I am so inspired to see what we can do in our current home to bring a few simple pleasures to our home and lives.  I hope that you join us on our journey.

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melanie said...

I totally and utterly love those hobbit houses :) I would love to live in one :) Loving your new blog, and looking forward to reading more from you :) xxx