Saturday, 18 June 2011

Crochet and knitting

 We have been spending lots of time with delicious wool and cotton recently. My son, like most boys his age is not a fan of getting washed, I mean a biy is just "meant" to be dirty, right?  Well when we were in a wool shop recently he was telling the lady that I had been knitting dishcloths  and she said that knitted face cloths were nice to. Upon seeing his interest I showed him the cotton and the above is his new, only for him,lovely and sof face cloth. He asks for it all of the time now, a bath is not complete without it.  I am now a convert, it is incredible just how soft these are when you put them in the water. I intend on making one for each of us, probably more.  As you can see it is just a crochet granny square but the first round is crocheted into a star. It is the first crochet pattern that I have been able to follow so I am quite pleased with it.
Here is my daughter finishing off a  knitted dish cloth. Again these are fab. They scrub off even the most burnt on food from the pan, trust me I burn alot of things, Ha.  Just basic cotton available from most wool shops. I think I paid about £1.20 for a ball of this. I am not sure how much the face cloth cotton cost me, but there is loads left to make some more.

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melanie said...

Your crochet is coming on really well, in fact, it looks perfect!!! And your daughters knitting is fab too :) Where did you buy the cotton from? :) xxx