Friday, 27 July 2012

Its finally here !

 Its here ! The event that London has been waiting for ! Yes my dear friends I am so excited that today the countdown is finally over and we can watch the Olympic Games.
 When I was flicking through the above magazine I came across a familiar face. Oh how I longed to be like Olga Korbut when I was a child (or Nadia for that matter), so graceful and elegant and the most wonderful Gymnasts ever ! I must add however that this photograph was taken at the 1972 Olympics in Munich, three years before I was born, bt that didnt matter to me when I was a little gymnast. Naturally I plan on watching LOTS of gymnastics over the next couple of weeks and entertain my family with stories of ,

"I could do that"

"I used to be like that"

and so on ! You get the picture? Although the reality was not quite the same

I know where my daughter gets her ever so competative spirit from, I was continuing with my sort out the other day and came across a packet with all of my dance and gymnastics certificates and medals. In amongst them was a silver medal won for my gymnastics, at the time I was DEVASTATED for winning such a disgrace as a silver medal and threw it away. Spoilt brat , moi?
I obviously fished it from the bin when I had calmed down a bit. How my parents didnt strangle me with the medal I will never know. I am glad that my children may be competative but not in the same awful way their mother was (and no longer is I might add), they just strive to be the best they can and dont get competative with other people.

Anyway now I support our own Teams and will be following the Team GB Gymnastics Team.

What will you be watching?

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