Monday, 23 July 2012

Sorting out !

This is what I was faced with this morning, today was a designated clear out of the Boys room. As we are due to start the secondary school so very soon it was the ideal opportunity to encourage him that he no longer needed all the toys that were stuffed in there. He so badly wants daddy to decorate it , however, Daddy (rightly so) will not do such a task when it looks like the above. I coulend even get into the room to show you the shot the other way round.
After afew hours here is what we now have. Where did it all go you ask? Well currently everything that is to go is in bin bags stuffed in his sisters room. part of me would like to do a car boot sale but I expect that it will be donated to the local charity shop.  It better stay this tidy.
Now I just have the rest of the house to clear out !!!!!!

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