Wednesday, 31 October 2007

The Tooth Fairy has visited

I nearly forgot to mention that last week my dear son lost his very first tooth. He has been so excited to have his very own lose tooth, he has seen his sister loose teeth and be visited by the tooth fairy bu this one was all his. As last week was half term and the children were off school we helped out at the church holiday club, well on the Friday he came running up to me holding his mouth with one hand and a tooth in the other. He didnt care that his little mouth was bleeding all he was concerned about was that he is now a Big Boy (he is 6 you know) as his tooth had fallen out. He took great delight in leaving that tooth under his pillow at bedtime and was soon asleep with the anticipation of a visit from the tooth fairy. I guess he will never forget where he was when he lost this tooth, he had such a fun time at church that day.

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