Thursday, 27 December 2007


Christmas was wonderful, there were some slight hicups along the way but the Holidays were still wonderful.
The children enjoyed opening gifts and spending time with both of our families. It was nice for all of the children to get together and play, this is quite rare for them all to be at the same place at the same time so fun was had by all.

I guess that the dampner for the holidays was that we all have a cold bug which resulted in my poor hubby spending christmas day fternoon asleep in the chair and the next two days in bed. He sadly missed going to my sisters house and been with all of the family (including all the kids, or was this planned??????) and has been quite unwell. I have been keeping him supplied with hot drinks and the children have tried to cheer him up..LOL.....
We were also disturbed at about 12.15 on Christmas night / Boxing Day morning by hammering on the door. We were still sat watching TV and opened the door to the porch to see a man standing in his PJ,s shouting for us to open the door. After our initial reluctancy to do so we discovered that he had called to tell us that he had just seen someone stealing our motorbike which we had parked in the drive and they were pushing it away down the street. Well Hubby drove after them whilst I called the police, they came with dogs, two cars and even the helicopter, they caught one person but were unable to get the other and the bike has never been seen again. They went into a park/field at the end of the road which is not lit, the police searched as they thought they would have dumped the bike and we went down at first light but it was not there. All of this equals one unhappy Hubby. I would not put down on here what i would like to call these people, what makes them think that it is ok to enter another persons property and take something that they have not had to pay for and which doesnt belong to them. GGggggrrrrrrrrr... Well it is a great big heavy thing and I would say that I hope it falls on them but then that would not really be a Christian thing to say especially at this time of the year, BUT REALLY !!!!!!!!!!!

Moving on.. We still enjoyed our Chrsitmas and wont let scumy people spoil it for us. I will have piccies when I can get Hubby to sort this cable out for me. I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas and here we look forward to the New Year.

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