Friday, 28 December 2007

Christmas Piccies

Our Christmas Tree

Home made fudge and biscuits

Our Advent Wreath on Christmas day

Candy Canes

The Dresser in my kitchen


Barbara said...

Hi Sarah, Love the pics from the open air museum. Sounds like you had a good time there. We often go to the Ulster Folk Museum - it sounds a similar place.

Sorry to hear about the bike. What a horrid thing to happen. Some people are completely without feeling for their fellow man but thankfully most people are just the opposite.

My dh too had a cold over Christmas and was suitably sneezy and grumpy (dopey and sleepy too!!).

Wishing you a happy 2008.

Mary Isabella said...

Beautiful pictures!!! Wishing everyone a Blessed and Happy New Year!!

Sarahs Home said...

Wishing you both a Happy and Peaceful 2008.

GOD Bless

Sarah x