Wednesday, 11 August 2010


If I were to ask what what "Living a Simple Life " meant to you, what would you reply ?

Would it be living in a Hobbit Hole and having nothing to do with other people ?

Living like Tom and Barbara Good ?

Or do you just like your modern comforts ?

Answers on a post card please !
(there is no wrong or right answer, I am just pondering )


Greentwinsmummy said...

Tom & Barbara could be very un~simple for some people if they werent organised,didnt tend their crops,or mend their clothes!You cant cook a supper in 5mins on a cold range,not run out the door to pick some veg to find its all been crowded out by weeds or eaten by bugs as it wasnt netted....Woodburners require alot of awareness of what stage the fire is at,when does the next go on etc?
Some would find that very complicated indeed. Modern comforts may in that way seem simpler...but then there one is trying to gather wits & the mobile goes off,then the email button pngs to say theres email,then the washing machine beeps to say its finished,the kids yell because they have evolved into beings that cant think for themselves so come to the parent for every little thing,then the phone rings,then the air conditioning whirrs & breaks.....
ARGG to me that sounds far from simple lol & very un~simple! yet soome would find my life very unsimple too.

To me,simple is going to be individual.Simple is prioritising family,whether thats a couple or includes kids.Simple means limting running around, limiting chaos & upping relaxing together & eating together.Simple is bulk shopping so you only do a trip once a month or less.Simple is an organised freezer & larder so you can see at a glance whats there for suppers.Simple is everyone helping out with chores so they get done faster & theres not one person left doing it all when the others are flopping out relaxing.
Simple is working hard,playing hard & limiting outside influences sometimes.Simple is thinking of something & then doing half of that, or buying half as much.
Simple is no debt so theres no statements & bills coming through every month, simple is being on top of your money.
Simple is cooking a good super,lighting a candle on the table & all being sat there together to share it.
Simple is one thing at a time on the computer, not messengers beeping & popping up, things like Facebook that fool folks into thinking its helping them in some its not,its gobbling up your minutes each day!
Thats simple to me lol!!!!
GTM x x x

marit said...

That's a good question! Send me your adress, and you'll get a postcard:-)

lisa ridgeon said...

We're all pretty laid back in our house so i would say that life is pretty simple for us. That doesn't mean that life is easy, far from it, life throws as much crap at us as anyone else. But we deal with it all in a relaxed and calm way. We never scream or shout or stamp our feet as there's just no point, it changes nothing, so we talk and discuss solutions to the problem, and there is always a solution. And we're quite happy to include each other in the disaster, either to ask for help or advice or just to unburden our annoyance about it. We do like a good moan. I think realy we're all problem solvers so we just find an alternative solution to whatever has happenned and we move on without a fuss. It realy does keep life simple.


Compostwoman said...

To me it is about having and taking time to think about what you are doing or what you want to do next.

I am a member of a forum where we talk about such things. If you visit my blog I have posted about it?