Thursday, 12 August 2010

Does it get any better ?

Playing with Lego in the drive which has been freshly decorated by ones sister with chalk, and eating a big bowl of ice cream.
I sit here now quickly updating on here because this is a moment I want to remember, remembering when they were playing out in the sunshine, no arguing, no games machines, just plain and simple playing with eachother.
Thank you for your comments on my last blog post, I am going to do a post on simplicity for me but I feel that as things have been complicated recently it may be more of a slow process to get things back to the way I need them so it may turn into lots of blog posts on the subject.


smilernpb said...

Awww, cute! :o)

Simple things like this are just the nicest....aren't they?


melanie said...

Hi Sarah, theres an award for you to collect over at my blog :) xxxx