Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Things he wishes he had known !

Here are six things that my hubby wished he had known before we got married.

1 Ladies absolutely, never, put petrol in the car. This is a Mans job.

2 I am impatient. I love to sew but I want it finished NOW. I love it when he decorates but
I want it finished now. Ok so now you see what I mean.

3 I hate anything that crawls, creeps, shifts and scurries and it is his job as the man to deal
with such uninvited visitors.

4 I am completelty anti feminist. There are things which are for ladies to do and other such
things are deemed as mans work.

5 I will at all costs avoid touching raw meat. YUK !

6 And probably the four words he dreads hearing the most "I have been thinking"
These four words are sure to make the hairs stand up on his neck. Ha ha ha !

Having said all of this, he has known me since I was eight years old so perhaps he knew about these silly things beforehand.


Molton Hearts said...

Sounds just like our house !! keep up the good work on behalf of all women, keep men on their toes i say !!

Great blog,


Sarahs House said...

Thanks Vicki,
I probably do keep him on his toes Bless him, but it works. Today I did indeed do some painting in the kitchen and normally this would be left for
S x

melanie said...

Lol, bless :) xxxx