Sunday, 8 January 2012

Busy as a Bee

The last week as seen me inspired to finish off those craft projects that you start and for one reason or another you just dont get round to finishing, you know the UFO (UnFinished Object)
Well I seem to have plenty of them right now. Well firstly I needed to finish my Father in Laws birthday present,  he recently commented that he would like a crochet blanket to keep him warm on an evening as he always feels cold. So here you are, its more than big enough to put over his lap on a cold evening and it keeps you super warm. It looks smaller here but its on a king size bed. Perhaps not the best colours but this is what I already had in and we are been frugal here in this little house right now. 

Friday saw me behind this little love, that was until somehow the foot fell off and it all jammed up. I managed to get it all apart and fixed with the aid of a trusty screw driver. 

This is what I have been making, you may remember this post some time ago. Well I never actually got round to finishing the quilt and it lay in a box for however long. Friday was its lucky day and out it came to be finished into the lovely snuggly quilt.  Sorry for the poor photograph but it proved a little tricky to get a good shot. Anyway this is to be for her 13th Birthday in a few weeks and I am wanting to embroider a name tag for the back but cant decide upon a name for the quilt. Any ideas ?

This is a quick card that I made for a friend of my Daughters for her Birthday recently. I haven't made cards for years despite the amount of card stuff I have in drawers, cupboards and boxes. It was nice to just sit for afew minutes and get this done, I might even have to make another soon. 
Well I have to dash as Sunday evenings get rather busy here. Thank you for reading and please leave a comment to tell me you have been.


periwinkle said...

I've been :-)....... I should take note and finish my wip's too but out of sight out of mind so they say! I'm rubbish with naming things so can't help you there I'm afraid but it is a lovely quilt.

melanie said...

You have been busy! Love the crochet blanket and patchwork quilt :) xxx

Little House By The Sea said...

Lisa, its hard to get the motivation together to actually get these projects done. I still have plenty more where they came from.

Hi Melanie, busy as a bee !!

Florence and Mary said...

Your blanket is lovely!

Victoria xx

Little House By The Sea said...

Thank you Victoria,

S x