Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year

Hello, I hope that you all had a Merry Christmas and I wish you all a very Happy New Year.
I have not had the blogging bug recently but over the last few weeks have been thinking about the blog and miss been over here.  I have however been reading lots of your blogs.

I recently took part in an Advent Swap and my partner was Rachael from , I will post pictured of what she sent me later, however thank you so very much Rachael. Do pop over to her blog and have a look at some of the things that she is making, a very talented lady.

I havent made any New Year resolutions as from past experience I dont keep up with them, however there are afew things that I am going to try and do this year.

  • I must try and have the house more organised, so 2012 will see the start of a HUGE de-clutter. My home is literally bursting at the seams.
  • I must address my issues with food. I enjoy food and cooking (mostly eating) but find that the busier I become the further down the list of priorities cooking and more importantly eating becomes. Dont get me wrong I cook for the children and they eat healthily, but I am in the habit of snacking or missing meals altogether.  I should take lunches to work with me but run out of time to prepare them so end up either with a supermarket sandwich (blech!) or a biscuit from the tin in the staffroom. This means that by the time I get home I am starving and snack again. For evening meals quite often I just cant face anything and end up with toast or cereal. I have ALOT of cookery books and even have a subscription to Good Food magazine but feel completely uninspired.
  • I will take more time out for me before I completely burn out, enough said there.
Anyway I fear that this is becoming a list so I am off to finish off the lovely dinner I prepared this morning and sit at the table with my lovely family and enjoy some food.

I am actually looking forward to getting back into the blog, I have been reading yours even though I havent really left comments.

Blessings x


Florence and Mary said...

Happy New Year!

It certainly sounds like a lot of us bloggers are planning major decluttering sessions this year!

Victoria xx

melanie said...

Happy New Year! Those are good goals :) I hope you have a great 2012, and hope to catch up with you soon :) xxx