Monday, 16 January 2012

When it all gets too much !

Stuff that is !
We moved from our teeny tiny house some years ago into what seemed a HUGE house with lots of storage, two gardens, garage and a monstrous attic.  Fast forward some years and way too much stuff later and we have a house in the shape of a barrel about to burst at the seams. There is  literally way too much stuff cluttered on most surfaces and just dont mention the drawers, garage or attic (shudder)
Now I am not for this minimalist clap trap, no offence but I just dont cut the mustard there. But I just cant be doing with all of these things and lets be brutally honest with  ourselves, Do we actually NEED it ? The answer is most certainly NO I DO NOT !!!

I have set myself many a challenge this year for different things but the first one I am acting upon is the Great 2012 De-Clutter.. No cupboard, box, garage or handbag (not that I actually have that many) is safe. Stuff will be re-homed if possible or sent to the lovely ladies who run a local charity shop to be used by another raising money for a great cause close to my heart.  I dont have any photos right now but I will document the shamefull amount of "Too Much" I have and let you know how it is going. I think it will probably take the rest of the year.

Dare you join me ? Go on I dare ya!

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melanie said...

Good luck with the de-cluttering :) That is something I need to do too :) Looking forward to seeing you for catch up and crochet :) xxx