Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Life has many challenges

Why is it that sometimes life has a habit of jumping up and biting you on the .... (Ahem) sometimes things seem to be flowing along and then it all crashes down upon you... I guess that the right thing to do is "Pick yourself up, dust yourself down and DEAL WITH IT!!!".

So anyway, moving on...Things have been busy as usual, we have had a trip to the park on Monday after school followed by a trip to the library... Of course my dear darling daughter chose two books to help her with French at school and my son chose one on Batman and the other on Dracula, now for those of you who know my children you will understand just how typical of them this is....

I think that I can honestly say that I am sick and tired of the winter weather and I am longing for the spring time to come. Just the thought of been out in the garden with the warmth of the sun is enough to brighten anyones day but I think to be there will be wonderful, but you know they say that "the Best Things Come To Those Who Wait". I am therefore waiting with great anticipation.

It is the last day of the month and I am really looking forward to February.


I received a call from school today asking me to collect my son as he had been hit in the face with a cricket bat. On arriving at school he appeared to have a slight swelling to the lip and a bruise.. The Teaching Assistant said I could take him home if I wanted or leave him for the afternoon, now at this point he was skipping down the corridor to collect his bags and coat with a look of pure delight on his face. I did point out to the teaching assistant that she had really just given him a free pass to go home and nothing I now said would make him remain in the building. This is now the second time this has happened (with a cricket bat) and he has had other injuries within the last few months. I now have an appointment to discuss these safety issues with the school. I mean, would you really give a bunch of 6 year olds a cricket bat and walk away leaving them to play???? I THINK NOT !!!! The cricket bat suddenly morphs into a Light Saber or some other form of weapon and there is always a child on the receiving end of such a thing.. OUCHH!!!!

Rant over, normal service will resume.

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Anonymous said...

HA HA! I can just picture him skipping down the corridor with a HUGE smile on his face knowing he's going home. That's so funny!